What McKinney Didn’t Say And Her Newly Hired Thug

Cynthia McKinney went on the floor of the Congress today to allegedly apologize for the incident in which she struck a Capitol Police Officer. Ms. McKinney played the part of politician nicely in that she said absolutely nothing while spewing out a lot of words. She has people thinking that she apologized, though I wonder why she would do so to the Congress when it was a police officer she assaulted. Let me interpret what she said:

“There should not have been any physical contact in this incident,” McKinney, surrounded by a handful of lawmakers, said.

What this means is “That racist cracker should have never put his hands on me. He made me put that whoopin’ on him and there would have been no contact if he had kept his hands off my royal body.”

There is also word that McKinney hired a former Georgia State Trooper as a body guard. I can not understand what she thinks that is going to do when you consider that he will have to go through the screener while she is prancing by. What is he going to do if the Capitol Police try to stop her again. I imagine that if there is an altercation the police will arrest both of them on the spot.

McKinney is showing more each day that she is nothing more than a thug who believes in the gangsta’ life. She quoted Tupac Shakur, a gang banging rapper who was shot to death by a bunch of other thug gangstas’ Now that she has hired a former police officer, who has already threatened a reporter, you can see that she is into heavy handed tactics and pushing the gangsta life style. She just does it from the comfort of the Capitol instead of the dregs of the slum.

McKinney also provided us with some double speak today. In an effort to make people believe that she supports the Capitol Police she announced that she is going to vote for the resolution commending them:

To demonstrate her “gratitude and appreciation” for Capitol police, McKinney said she would vote for a House resolution praising the police that was originally introduced by Republicans who wanted to use it to symbolically chastise McKinney.

McKinney has no respect for the Capitol Police. She is voting for this to silence critics and make people think she trusts the Capitol Police Officers. One only needs ask, if she trusts them so much, why did she hire a bodyguard?

I am waiting for some of the MSM to draw similar conclusions but I will be dead and cold before they point these inconsistencies out.

Source: AJC

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