What Is It With William Jeffersons?

First we had William Jefferson Clinton denying he had done anything wrong and now we have just plain William Jefferson (Democrat, Louisiana) who is denying that he did anything wrong even though he had tens of thousands of dollars from an FBI sting in his possession. You might remember Jefferson as the man who used a military truck and the soldiers to go to his house during Katrina. He removed items and refused a helicopter ride because he would have to leave those items behind.

Jefferson has been caught on audio tape making shady deals and selling his office. He brokered deals that would allow his children to make money. In true Democratic style he has denied, denied, denied and then threw blame in the other direction. you see, to Jefferson, the release of the audio tapes is just meant to discredit him. I guess breaking the law and getting caught is not discredit enough.

Where is the drive by media? When it was DeLay, Abramoff (and only his contact with Republicans), and Randy Cunningham it was all culture of corruption all the time. You could not turn on a news program without hearing about one of these guys followed by Pelosi, Reid, or Dean talking about the Republican culture of corruption. When it is a Democrat the libs and the DBM circle the wagons and portray them as victims or fail to mention them at all. Democrats associated with Abramoff, MIA. Cynthia McKinney taken to task, MIA. Patrick Kennedy held accountable, MIA. It is getting more difficult for any rational person to really believe that corruption does not cross party lines.

I have said it before, corruption runs rampant in the Congress and includes Pelosi, Dean and Reid. The donk do not see it that way so they continue to beat their drum though few people with any brains are listening to the song. If we want to end the corruption the best thing to do is to replace all of them and we can do that in november. Until then, we need to keep on the DBM and the Democrats. We need to hold them to the same standard to which they want us to hold Republicans. The so called unbiased media is not doing itself any favors by ignoring the scandals that run rife within the Democratic party.

Source: Breitbart

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One Response to “What Is It With William Jeffersons?”

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