What is Freedom of the Press?

When the founding fathers of this great country put together the Constitution and the Bill of Rights they had some very good reasons for the way they set things up. The Second Amendment was established to ensure the average citizen had a means of protection. A means to protect the country as well as a means to protect one’s self from the government. Remember, an unarmed population is one of slaves who serve at the will of the government because there is no means to resist tyranny. I know there are those who believe this could not happen but remember Nazi Germany. The Germans made the citizenry register firearms. The registration included a space for religion. Then the Germans took the weapons from the Jews and we all know what happened after that.
This post is not about the Second Amendment, I could go on about it all day. It is about the First which Guarantees Freedom of the Press. Why on Earth would a government provide for a free press. It is because those wonderful men had the wisdom to know that if a press is controlled by the government then the people of the nation were not truly free. They were only informed of what the government felt was important and any scandals, crimes, or actions the government wanted suppressed would be, and the people would be none the wiser. We have seen the effects of this recently. Russia and the former Soviet Union has always had a government controlled press. Look at the darkness their citizens live in. The outside world had more information about the school hostage horror than the people living in the country. In fact, a media worker because of what he had printed in the paper. It was not the information they wanted put out.
The founding fathers wanted the press (which includes broadcast media) to be separate from government so there would be no undue influence. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore in the good ole’ USA. You see, the supposedly objective media has aligned itself with the democratic party. Now I know there are news organizations that are conservative but for the most part the media are quite liberal. They no longer report objectively. They no longer investigate to find the truth. They no longer have honor and integrity. Now they put out information that is inaccurate if it will further their agenda. They will allow suspicious memos to be broadcast without the scrutiny one would expect from a so called professional organization. They most definitely push the democratic liberal agenda to further that position and they most assuredly do not allow equal time or air equally opposing views. The news media has become a giant advertisement for the democratic party and this is why they are referred to as the media wing of the democratic party.
Dan Rather and CBS news has shown us that they will not let facts get in the way of a story if it will hurt the conservative candidate. At first, they were given the benefit of the doubt. It was assumed that they had been duped by someone clever. This benefit was given even though common opinion was that they should have been more thorough in examining these documents. Now that questions have been raised, CBS and the Dan have gone on the air to say they are sticking with their story that the documents are real. They did this based upon a partisan handwriting “expert” and a few anti-Bush people. They did this without independent forensic experts, without listening to the family of the now deceased military leader in question, and they did this despite the growing number of document experts who are stating publicly that these appear to be forgeries. It is unfortunate that the once mighty CBS has allowed its hatred of George Bush and the republican party to cloud their judgment.
They have chosen to bridge the gap of separation from the government and now embrace big brother to further their cause. It is strange that they will be the first ones to jump on any religious issue that appears to violate separation of Church and State (though most never do because the government is not establishing preference). They are the ones who will tell us that guns are evil and the Second Amendment means nothing and in the same breath they will tell us that Freedom of the press is based upon their definition of freedom and if they want to be in bed with the democratic party that is OK. They still believe the average citizen is not bright enough to make up his or her own mind. You need them to tell you what to think.
They are pathetic and we as citizens should not allow this to continue. I recommend we boycott any product that advertises on their network (or maybe just those that advertise on CBS news). Also, if you want to get involved, go here and send them an email telling them how disgusted you are with the way they do business.

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