What Intrusion On Our Rights Will This Cause?

Iraqi authorities have captured some insurgents and they were interrogated, a process that revealed some interesting information. The insurgents claim that suicide bombings are planned against Europe and the United States. Christmas, a Christian holiday, seems to be the time of the year that Muslim terrorists want to kill people in the west.

The Iraqis have reported the information to the affected governments.

This is eerily similar to last year. Obama was in Hawaii on one of his many vacations when some Muslim tried to blow up a plane with explosives in his underwear. Obama is scheduled to go to Hawaii again this Christmas and we are again being threatened with bomb wielding terrorists. This has me quite concerned.

Not because of the potential for a terrorist attack. I am more likely to be killed in my car than killed by a terrorist. Don’t get me wrong, we need to have security to deter such things but if some terrorist is determined to do something bad, he will do it.

My concern is for our rights. Every time one of these jackass terrorists makes the government look bad more of our rights are infringed upon.

When the shoe bomber tried to blow up a plane with explosives in his shoes we had to start taking our shoes off at the airport. When terrorists tried to get liquid bomb ingredients into planes in bottles we were limited in the sizes and amounts of liquids we could carry on the plane and we are forced to get it out for inspection. When the aforementioned underwear bomber caused all that ruckus we ended up with the machines that scan our body and show us naked and/or intrusive pat downs that are sexual assaults.

The erosion of our rights is ongoing. The full body scans and groping are a violation of the Fourth Amendment but we are continually harassed because some terrorist made the government look bad.

This Christmas we are faced with another threat from the Muslim terrorists. What rights will be trampled on because of it?

I don’t know but I am praying that whatever they do it does not involve putting bombs in their rectums in order to sneak them in.

Can you imagine the checks we would have to go through at the airport if that were the case?

It would be bad because we have learned that the government refuses to use sensible methods to screen people and that they are concerned with violating our rights rather than actually doing something that would protect us.

Israel has the right idea. We should do what they do in order to prevent terrorist attacks.

Otherwise, our system will end up being a pain in the…

Well, you get the point.

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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13 Responses to “What Intrusion On Our Rights Will This Cause?”

  1. Blake says:

    “Never let a crisis go to waste-” Rahm’s own words, and the libs live this credo to the fullest.
    Why do you think now our back’s against the wall concerning a possible government shutdown? Because the libs failed to allow a real budget to be passed last year- and now, they have put in ALL THE EARMARKS requested for the last two years, Republican AND Democrat- just to make the Republicans either look bad BECAUSE of the earmarks, or be perceived as obstructionists by failing the “Omnibus Spending Bill”.
    Personally, I think they should shut down the government. Just think of the quiet we would have for Christmas- a blessed event.

  2. Ogre says:

    I read that headline, and sadly all I could think was, “Well, DUH.” Of course they’re going to attack. It’s what they do. It’s not breaking news that they’ve planned an attack.

    But as Blake points out, and Big Dog has mentioned, this isn’t about attacks or reality, it’s about scaring enough people to keep them in line. It’s about terrorism — and the US government using terrorism to control it’s own people (and raise, money, of course).

    It’s truly sad that we’ve come that far, but it is clear that we have.

  3. Adam says:

    Oh how ironic it is to once again see the right complain about the government using terrorism as an excuse to erode civil liberties. You are responsible for and should claim ownership of this climate of fear driven by the right wing lunatic fringe after 9/11 which used the threat of terrorism to invade countries, marginalize the left wing and win elections, or just generally to consolidate power on the right. Here are your chickens coming home to roost. Are you happy now?

    • Eoj Trahneir says:

      Vote in USA to go to war was 128,394,925 to one.
      The chicken that is roosting is you. Your Lilly-liver pink-o socialist fags pressured Cheney, GWB and the Correct Wing of the US Government, (may their life be long and fulfilling, praise be their names) to be too soft on the Mussy-scum, and end the war while some still lived.

      It is your fault terrorists still exist. Now go schlarve some mussy-dong.

    • Blake says:

      I don’t think you understand, Adam- although Elo uses words I would not to get the point across, I think the point was instead obscured- Personally, the point of a war is to win, with as few casualties on our side as possible.
      That is why I would have advocated turning Tora Bora into glass mountains- yes, USE NUKES- it would have gotten the point across AND done the job all in one thermo-flash.
      Done- end of story.
      Instead, we get the war of a thousand paper cuts, turning this war into a mini- ‘Nam.

      • Blake says:

        Sorry, Eoj- my bad-

      • Adam says:

        We’re talking about a cult of people who want to die for their causes and you’re suggesting that seeing their fellow terrorists (and innocent civilians) be killed by nukes is somehow going to correct or change their actions? I don’t think that meshes with reality at all.

        What I think is you and Eoj get off on saying inflammatory things about Muslims in the name of sounding tough on terrorism. If I felt you spoke with authority on the subject it would be different but you come off as fools is all.

        • Blake says:

          In Tora Bora, we had the chance to nuke UBL with some, bubt minimal collateral damage.
          The purpose of war is to WIN, dummy- anything else is like pissing on my back and trying to convince me it is raining- it just doesn’t work, and ends up unnecessarily killing and maiming OUR people, which matter to me a HELL of a lot more than goat herders in Tora Bora, so EEEExxxccuusse Me!

        • Adam says:

          The only problem with that is we are not fighting a war in the traditional sense where overwhelming force or destruction would make a difference. In fact modern terrorism is largely blowback from your failed mentality about how to treat threats in the world. We’ll get it right eventually though or die trying.

  4. Big Dog says:

    There it is, I knew it would not take long for the I blame America spiel to come out.

    Blowback? Right. From the way we handled things in the past? Like how well Carter did with them?

    If what we did caused them grief and was so wrong then they should have attacked our military. They attacked civilians who did nothing to them.

    I know that is alright to the libs because one man’s freedom fighter and all that and you know, they consider us all enemy combatants.

    We could do the same and level their countries. We don’t because we try NOT to kill civilians. We don’t deliberately target them.