What If Obamacare Was Already Fully Implemented?

The Federal Government has shut down 17% of its operations and one would think the end of the world is near. The petulant child in the White House has been giving directives to departments to make the shutdown as painful as possible for the public. The Democrats have expressed that they “are winning” so they do not care how long it lasts. I have addressed that attitude before but suffice it to say they care not a bit about this country or the people in it. Obama has refused to negotiate and Harry Reid is making demands that he will not bend on.

They are out of control.

Certainly some things will shut down when the government is closed (or partly closed) but this government has shut down things that do not need to be shut down and it has done so for the sole reason of hurting people.

The government shut down a road that runs through federal property which caused school buses to stop taking kids to school. Buses are unable to use the alternate road so parents are forced to take their children to school. Government does not man the road but it decided to shut it down to make things tough.

Government has removed people from their own homes because those homes are located on federal property. People were forced by gun toting jack booted thugs of the government to leave their homes. Government does not pay for or maintain the homes but the owners had no choice.

Government shut down open air monuments and memorials that are never manned and cost nothing to visit. They barred veterans of WWII from visiting the open air WWII Memorial just to cause harm.

The government forced a bunch of old people on a bus trip to get back in a bus that was touring Yosemite after they stopped to take pictures. The people were allowed to go to their hotel rooms and were forced to stay in those rooms for a few days (they were NOT allowed out) as armed officers kept them under house arrest. They were then placed back on the bus and allowed to leave They were not permitted to stop at a rest place, usually frequented on those tours, to use the restrooms. Nothing they did cost the government money and they paid for the trip. This was done to hurt people.

People using campgrounds on federal property were forced to leave even though they paid to use the facilities, their presence does not cost the government and their money results in revenue to the Treasury. This was done to hurt people.

The stories go on and on and they all involve the government deliberately doing something that harms people. They claim it is because of the shutdown but the actions they are taking involve things that are not affected by the shutdown. This is all out of Rules for Radicals and it is all on the orders of Obama.

He told people to make it as unpleasant as possible.

Hell, Obama had the military commissaries shutdown even though 98% of their funds come from user fees. His regime did not pay death benefits to the families of warriors who died after 1 October just to use these grieving families as pawns.

Polls say that Republicans are getting hammered the most on this. In the short term that will hold but in the long term they will come out on top. Funny thing these people. They put Republicans in office to stop Obamacare and then blame them when they work to do it. I also find the politicians attacking Cruz and Lee detestable. These people ran promising to do what Cruz and Lee are doing and when they had the chance balked. They will pay in 2014.

What does any of this have to do with Obamacare?

Let us suppose that Obamacare was fully implemented and money was flowing all over paying for procedures and people were getting health care. Now this is fantasy because it will not run well but that does not matter. Just suppose it is up and running.

Do you for one second think that the petulant child in the White House would not use Obamacare to hurt people and make the shutdown even more painful?

He could simply say that all health care facilities are closed because the government is shut down and these facilities fall under a federal law and are getting federal money. Medicare is on autopilot so they really would have a hard time doing it with that but with Obamacare they could easily inflame the country and point fingers at the mean old GOP by shutting down facilities.

If anyone reading this thinks that Obama would not do just that then you would be a moron. He would do it in a New York City second.

Look at how many things he closed down that were never closed in other shutdowns. Look at how many things he closed that government has nothing to do with. The stated goal was to make it hurt and he could do that by shutting health facilities.

So those of you screaming that Obamacare is wonderful and should be left alone keep that in mind when it is used against you someday.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if a Republican president had a shutdown someday because Democrats would not agree to a budget and that president took a page from the Alinsky playbook that Obama uses and shut down the health clinics? None of you liberal morons would have grounds to say a thing because you are allowing Obama to do the very same thing right now.

The Democrats shut down the government. They refused to negotiate and they are holding America hostage. They are holding a gun to our heads.

If you are in the minority of Americans not already unalterably opposed to Obamacare, keep in mind that the only reason the government is shut down right now is that Democrats refuse to fund the government if they are required to live under Obamacare.

That’s how good it is! ~ Ann Coulter

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and all the others are radical terrorists who are out to destroy this country. They all belong in Gitmo with the rest of the terrorists.

As an aside, those of you who hate George Bush keep this in mind. There was not one day of government shutdown when he was in office.

One last thing. Why do liberals always scream that Social Security checks won’t go out and the military won’t get paid. We know SS is on autopilot and that the military will eventually get paid but the liberals like to use fear to make seniors, those who have been enslaved under Social Security, fearful of not getting a check.

If you are worried about your money and have no other means then perhaps you should learn to vote better. And buy lots of cat food.

One thing I never hear is that welfare checks might not go out. Liberals place a higher value on crack whores and welfare queens getting their checks than they do the seniors who paid in and the military who protect this nation.

Really not bright to threaten not to pay the people with all the tanks, jets, helicopters comprised of the finest fighting forces in the world. They can point their weapons in any direction and are sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, not politicians.

And that would be against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.

Obama and his henchmen are domestic enemies.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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