What If A White Guy Said It? Black Hatred Unquestioned

Judge Greg Mathis, a man who never has to worry about being nominated for the Supreme Court, is not very judicial when it comes to hatred and accusations full of lies. Mathis, a man who is not good enough to be a real judge so he sits in front of a camera pretending to be on Perry Mason, was a speaker at the Civil Rights march. The event, designed to draw attention to the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the fact that it will expire in 2007. The whole idea of the left is that they need to act now or the GOP will let this expire and take our country back the the slavery era.

This of course is hogwash and the President has said he is in favor of renewing the Act. What the left seems to forget is that it takes action on the part of the Congress so instead of pointing their hatred toward the President perhaps they should be looking within. This was a fun night that focused on civil rights but only if those rights happened to be for liberals and any black who was not conservative. The whole night was one big Bush Bash and the guest speakers had some really pleasant things to say. There was even the claim that blacks in the Bush Administration are “black tyrants.” Can you imagine what kind of backlash (or should I say blacklash) there would be if a white republican said that? My God there would be protests and riots and requests for the unfortunate person’s head on a platter. But the libs and blacks in their company can get away with it.

Here are some of the pleasant things that were said. While reading these keep in mind that my friend Adam says that I am mean spirited and insulting. Keep in mind that the libs are the ones who say republicans are nasty people. Remember, Dick Cheney is the evil one.

  • Entertainer/activist Harry Belafonte also used charged rhetoric during the march when he referred to black members of the Bush administration as “black tyrants.”
  • “They all need to be locked up because they are all criminals and they are all thieves,” said Judge Greg Mathis
  • ‘Intimidation and discrepancies’Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California appeared at the march and noted that minorities may not have had full voting rights in the last two presidential elections.
  • U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) echoed the accusation of many at the march that Bush was an illegitimate president
  • “We are here to take on President Bush, [Vice President] Dick Cheney. We are here to take on [House Majority Leader] Tom DeLay. We are here to take on the new appointee to the Supreme Court, John Roberts,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)
  • The Bush administration was also targeted by Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), who declared that the president’s “record against human rights, civil rights, economic rights, is absolutely terrible.”
  • Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) said America was being ruled by the “Bush mentality,” where “crony capitalism” was supreme.
  • Jesse Jackson said the Voting Rights Act extension is critical because “the same old enemies of civil rights and voting rights will always keep up their ugly activities.

Well, we have the usual cast of characters plus a want to be judge named Mathis who thinks the world is his stage. We also had two has been singers in Belafonte and Wonder. Both of whom complain about poverty yet live in lavish luxury. Read what they said and you can see the typical liberal mindless prattle. Bush did not win. Bush is illegitimate. We will help the blacks. Make no mistake about this folks. This is the left playing up to the black vote. They are doing what they have done for years. They are catering to the blacks and placating them. they will tell them anything they want to hear and do anything to get their votes. Then when the election is over they will be discarded like yesterday’s news only to be taken out again when the next election cycle comes along.

This is the year 2005 and there is no place for this kind of trash:

“They shot and missed when they enslaved, segregated and oppressed our people. They shot and missed when they stole the past two presidential elections. They shot and missed when they denied our right to vote,” Mathis said.

This is designed to make everyone think the they is the republican party. Keep in mind that Lincoln, a republican, ended slavery. Mathis needs to get his head out of his rectal cavity. The blacks were enslaved and oppressed many years ago. Need I remind you Mathis that you could not have been a well paid judge back then and if they had TV you would have been delivering them instead of watching them. And Perhaps we should tell Charlie Rengel that he could have never held office back then. He would more likely been the servant of a politician. If things are so bad how does he have it so good. That was then and this is now. Every one of these politicians who was there to drum up hatred and divisiveness needs to be voted out of office.

The amazing thing is that all this hatred comes from people who are supposed to be tolerant. They are the ones who reach out to everyone. Just ask yourselves this. If they do so much for the blacks (and other minorities) why are things still so bad when the donks have been in power for more than 40 years. They just recently lost control. For all that time they could have made changes but they did not want to because they need their pawns.

Read the article. Read the quotes. Then ask yourself why these idiots actually expect us to believe that Bush is the divider.

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6 Responses to “What If A White Guy Said It? Black Hatred Unquestioned”

  1. N. Mallory says:

    I think with this post you have proven that there are racists and racist remarks on both sides of the political fence. Certainly there are a lot of hypocrites too. Both sides try to cater to the so-called minorities and both sides have their point of views regarding the Bush Administration.

    Granted, I’m a hated liberal, but the only remark I think was over the top was the “black tyrants” one.

    Oh, and I’ll have to agree with you about “Judge” Mathis. I’ve heard some unrepeatable things about him that aren’t too judgely. Certainly I wouldn’t parade him about as a role model for either party.

  2. Big Dog says:

    There are certainly racists on each side of the isle and they are not all white. The problem is the left tries to make everyone believe that the republicans are the ones who are racist. As far as the remarks go they are all out of line. There is no credible evidence that voters were denied the right to vote and the plain fact is that Bush won both elections. I know that is a bitter pill to swallow but he won plain and simple. People can cry all they want but it is a done deal and they should move on. We could go around all day saying Clinton was not a real President after he was not impeached because he should have been. We could say that he was not impeached because of politics and he was illegitimate after that. Fact is, you move on and support the President no matter who he is because he represents your country.

    I would not say you are a hated liberal. I don’t agree with you about the remarks but I recognize and respect your right to your opinion as you have mine. I go after the double standards and the stupidity displayed. I go after both parties but being conservative I tend to agree more with my side.

    Thanks for taking the time to express your views.

  3. N. Mallory says:

    Well, I do appreciate a good, intellectual, calm political discussion. ;)

    And while I admit that there’s no evidence about the elections (other than the 100s of people who claimed they were turned away from the polling places in Florida), the conspiracy theorist in me is quite intrigued. ;)

    I did want to say one more thing about the racist remarks, since you mentioned that it’s the Democrats trying to make out the Republicans out to be racists, it was very insulting when the Republicans tried to make the Democrats out to be racists when they opposed Rice and Gonzales as if they were opposed to them simply because of their ethnicity and not their job history/experience.

    I do think as I mentioned earlier that what all parties need to do is stop playing the race card and start making a difference. As Mark Twain said, “Thunder is impressive but lightning gets the work done.” It’s time for everyone to stop pointing fingers and start getting some work done in Congress.

    The night of the election, there was a blogger quoted on CNN about supporting the President, which I’ve tried to take to heart, “I will support the President as if he were my candidate and criticize him as if he weren’t.” The point being that it’s my American duty not to follow blindly but to question everything no matter who it is that’s in office.

    And just so you know, I voted Bush in 2000 though I didn’t vote for him last year.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Perhaps the republicans made an issue out of Gonzales and Rice but you have to admit that the Senators who were questioning their credentials are no stellar performers. It would be one thing to question a nominee if you actually had a good record and were consistent.

    Case in point. John Kerry. He wants John Roberts to release ALL of his records so they can be reviewed. Perhaps someone could take that seriously (though I do not believe he needs to release everything) if Kerry would actually release all his records. He is still trying to hide that dishonorable discharge and will not sign and return the forms so his military records, in total, can be released. It makes him look hypocritical.

    Those two are doing a great job. Every person nominated will appeal to 50% of the people. This country is divided by that percentage so it stands to reason that there will be 50% opposition.

  5. N. Mallory says:

    To follow your own line of thinking, how can you prove there was a dishonorable discharge if there’s been no records released to prove or disprove it?

    For that matter, no one can prove if Bush completed his service as he says he did.

    All of that has been so distorted. You almost have to question every piece of news you receive now from all sources. Who do we trust?

    I do have to admit that I was astonished that John Kerry waited until recently to release his school records.

    However, what a person did 30 years ago and what they’ve been doing in the last 10 are different things. I’m certainly a different person. Heck, I’m very different from 10 years ago.

    And it’s hard to show a consistant record in Congress because every bill has so many facets. Where a Sentaor might vote against something with a particularly ammendment, he may vote for it once the ammendment is removed and often the ammendments having nothing to do with the main issue at hand. I think it’s important to look at each vote individually and question what part a Senator is voting against or for.

    I do think John Roberts job-related records should be released. I think the Supreme Court is a big deal, bigger than the presidency simply in that it’s a for life job, and it’s important to see how he ways issues. Interestingly, I am currently hoping he gets the appointment, I think just from what I’ve read about the records that have been released, he’s a fair person who considers things beyond his personal beliefs. That’s the kind of person I’d like to see run for president actually.

    Also, I don’t personally like Rice but I have been impressed with the way she handled some of the situations she’s run into recently. It’s a hard position to be in as a woman. There are so many countries that don’t see women as equals so as a woman with power, she has a hard job ahead of her.

  6. Big Dog says:

    I can say that from what I saw of the pay records it can be shown that Bush was either at drill or he split the drill to another date. I have not seen all the records but having paid my share of guardsmen I know what payroll records look like and know that people can be excused or they can split. If you do not know how to read the records they can be confusing.

    Kerry protested while he was a reservist. His discharge date is much later than when he actually got out and it was signed by Carter after Carter gave amnesty to draft dodgers and protesters. At that time records were changed to reflect an honorable discharge. The Dishonorable would be in there. There was a Navy lawyer from that time who claimed to have knowledge that Kerry had a DH discharge. All I can say is he can clear it up by releasing the records. There is a reason he will not and all the pieces point to DH Discharge.