What Happened at the SOTU Address?

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The President held the annual State of the Union Address last evening and it was an interesting sight as Bush had to face a majority democratic Congress for the first time. I watched and I thought the speech was OK. It, as all of them do, contained a bunch of aggressive items that will neither be acted upon nor brought to fruition, but it was a good speech. I was disheartened to see the way some of the Democrats acted. I don’t expect them to stand or clap for everything (I would prefer they all not do that so the speech could just finish) but there are always a few items in which everyone stands. I found it disheartening that the Democrats did not stand when Bush said we could and needed to win the war. That means they are resigned to and happy with losing. That should silence the people who claim the Democrats do not embrace defeat.

I watched and Hillary and Kerry both seemed to be staring through the President. I used an amazing device to read their thoughts as bush spoke:

Kerry: That should be me up there. Damn those Swift Boat bastards. I should be giving this speech. One thing is for sure we would be out of Iraq and those uneducated punks in the military would be shoveling crap in Louisiana. Damn it, why am I sitting here listening to this buffoon when I should rightly be the President? I am John F’in Kerry, JFK from Massachusetts! I should be giving the speech. It would be more eloquent, ohh he butchered another word, buffoon. God why am I here when that ass is up there? Where is the justice in this world? How can there be so many stupid people in this country. Well, they got what they deserve. I know my approval rating would not be under 40, heh, that little sloth gets on my nerves. And now that beyatch Hillary has thrown her hat in the ring. how can I compete with her and that husband of hers? Jesus, can any other thing go wrong for me? I mean, I am ENTITLED to the White House, it is my birthright.

Hillary: My God this man is a bore. If he thinks it was a great pleasure to be the first to say madam Speaker wait until i am the first woman to give the State of the Union. I know one thing, bill will not be sitting up there where Laura is. His ass will be someplace else. I can not have him up there distracting the world’s eyes from being on me, the first female President. President Hillary Clinton, President Hillary Rodham Clinton, President Hillary Rodham. Oh, I have to pick one. Maybe I can be like Cher or Madonna and just go by Hillary. I mean, everyone knows who I am, I am more popular than Jesus and you can bet when I am in office it will stay that way. Damned right wing Christians. I can’t wait. The day I swear in I am going to have them seize Bush and Cheney and hang their sorry asses in back of the White House. Then I will dismantle the damned military so I do not have to screw with them again. After I raise taxes I am going to start stacking the judicial benches and then on the second day I will really get to work. They have not seen anything yet. Oh, this guy is getting on my nerves. Jeez, people say I have a grating voice, this is like listening to an R Tard on barbiturates. I wonder if bill is banging that chick up in Canada. none of that crap in the Hillary House, ohh I like that. Change it from the White house to the Hillary House, good he is almost done. If I have to hear any more of him or see Pelosi blink one more time I might go postal.

Obama was there but all I could get while he was reading the text of the speech was “don’t move lips while reading, don’t move lips while reading…”

There you have it, the thoughts of a few of the Democrats. I had Kennedy for a while but his thoughts were slurred and hard to understand…

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7 Responses to “What Happened at the SOTU Address?”

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  2. I, too, watched the STOU Message last night. I agree with your assessment of Kerry’s and Clinton’s posture.

    On my way home from work today, I caught a few moments of Hannity’s radio show. Did Kerry boo-hoo on the floor of the Senate today?

    Did you catch what The Admiral of Chappaquiddick was doing last night when the camera panned to him? He was fingering his foreheaad as if he had a headache.

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