What Finger Was It?

This week Jay Leno showed a clip of the President that appeared to show him giving reporters the middle finger. We are all aware that Bush, long ago, extended that finger while preparing for an on air appearance. I believe however, that this clip is not of him extending the middle finger. When you look at it in real time it appears to be the middle finger but when you slow it down it appears to be a thumb or index finger. The finger went up after he was asked a question about CAFTA. It would stand to reason that he extended his thumb. In addition, the press that was present said it was his thumb that he raised. I have taken two stills from the clip. They are a bit blurry and increasing the size just distorts them more. Since I do not have fancy forensics equipment it was the best I could do but I think the pictures show it was the thumb.

The first picture is with the hand up and the second is when it is going down. It appears in the first that the thumb is extended and the wrapped fingers are on the left of the hand. The second picture is obviously not the middle finger. The anatomical position of the arm and hand would make it impossible for the middle finger to be that far out on the left. If it had been the middle finger it would be in the middle of the hand where it belongs.

Here are the pictures:

Arm extended  Hand going down

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