What Do The Unemployment Numbers Tell Us?

It Depends on who you ask….

The April jobless numbers were released today and unemployment has dropped to 7.5% as employers created 165,000 jobs. The jobs created number will certainly be revised and the unemployment data is skewed, as it has been all along, to make things look much better than they are. ADP shows that only 119,000 jobs were added in April and its numbers are probably more realistic than the governments.

But if we take the government’s numbers as accurate then we can draw a conclusion Obama and his mouth pieces will not point out. The cuts to government have not hurt the economy.

9.5 MILLION people have left the US workforce since Obama took office…

Yes, Obama will tell us how wonderful things are because of what he has done and his followers will swoon at the words of their dear leader and while he touts the phony numbers he will not state the reality that if the numbers are real (as he contends with his assertions that we are recovering) then one can only conclude that the Sequestration and the budget cuts have not hurt us.

Keep in mind that the cuts are not real cuts. We are still spending more money this year than last or in any of the previous years. The cut was in the rate or amount of growth. Think of it as still crashing but doing it at a slower speed.

So if we are to believe the government’s numbers we can safely say that the cuts did not hurt us and, in fact, things got better. So in order to make things continue to improve we need to CUT MORE.

If we cut the spending back to the levels of 2008 then we could be well on our way to prosperity.

This can’t happen though because Obama and the progressives are big government cheerleaders who believe that the only way to improve is to continue to grow government and for government to spend more and more.

The unemployment rate in the government is at about 3.3%, well below the national average.

Obama will never admit that cuts are good for the economy and the country because it is not in his DNA. He will not associate any good news with the cuts and will continue to say the cuts are bad and that we need to spend more. We spent a fortune over his first 4 and a half years and unemployment remains high. His dire warnings about the effects of cuts are not playing out even though the government’s numbers show that cuts are not hurting us (once again, if we accept the numbers as true).

Even if we demonstrate the numbers are flawed the effects of the cuts are good. The debacle at the airports and the claims of Armageddon did not pan out as Congress quickly reversed the plans that Obama and his transportation people claimed were the only option. Obviously there was another option and it was quickly exercised by Congress. It is worthy to note that Congress did this because they were being impacted by the delays. We can’t have our overlords delayed from their work…

In any event, cuts are good and we need to make more of them. Obama has no idea how budgets work. He has never had to make a payroll and has never run a business. He has not been successful at anything except running for office.

He is hell bent on pushing a progressive agenda regardless of the consequences.

Well the government’s latest numbers show that the sequestration is not having a negative impact. The cuts are good for us and the only reason there are any problems is because Obama has directed that cuts be imposed in a fashion to cause the most harm.

Most people are not affected by the sequestration and Obama is trying to impact as many people as he can but it will not work. He can close the White House to tours but he loses credibility when he then opens it to wealthy donors.

Yes, he is a man child and is way out of his league.

And it is time for us to step up and make sure he can do no further harm.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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