What did Hillary Mean to Say?

There has been an uproar over a comment by Hillary Clinton when asked about dropping out of the race. She indicated that her husband did not wrap things up until June 1992 and that Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June. People were quick to jump on this and say she was inferring that Obama could be killed and then she would be the nominee. I see it differently.

I am certainly no supporter of Hillary Clinton but in this case I have to agree with her. From the moment I read the comment I knew she meant that there were times in history where the nomination process was still going on in June. It is a foregone conclusion that she expressed it poorly which does not bode well for a person who is supposed to be so brilliant. I know that the Clinton history is filled with nuanced statements but I cannot get on the bandwagon of people who think she meant that harm could or should come to Obama.

Al Sharpton [Daily News] has contacted Hillary and told her to choose her words wisely which is ironic considering Sharpton’s were have been responsible for a number of deaths. His peace marches have turned into riots where people have been killed based upon what he told the crowd. I imagine he should know that poorly chosen words can lead to catastrophe because he has certainly had his share of inciting catastrophic moments.

Clinton has apologized [My Way News] for the remarks and explained that she meant no disrespect to the Kennedy clan and once again explained what she meant. Unfortunately, there are those who will look at this as one more way that Hillary is ruining the nomination process and how her scorched Earth policies know no bounds. While I believe that the Clintons will say or do anything to win, I also know they would never say or do anything to upset an American dynasty such as the Kennedys. That would be political suicide though her poor remarks might end up being the self inflicted wound that finally does her in.

One thing to keep in mind is that if Obama were a white person these remarks would not have the same significance. Since there were early worries that he might be killed this has a lot more weight. People naturally assume some redneck will unload on him because he is a black guy. The reality is, all the worries are about people on the left. They are the folks running their primary and it is the Hillary supporters that they must be worried about.

I have rarely agreed with Clinton (and never politically) but in this case I have to. She did not mean to place Obama in jeopardy or suggest that he might meet an untimely demise which would give the nomination to her. The whole issue has been blown out of proportion by those who worry some crackpot will take a cue from what she said and off Obama. I can’t imagine anyone would want to see any of them injured or killed. Politics are one thing but taking a life is quite another and no sane person wants to see someone die because they disagree politically. This, of course, is in the US. A lot of people want to see terrorists who disagree politically cease to exist.

No one in his right mind believes the Obama/JFK comparisons but then again, no one is his right mind wants there to be an Obama/RFK comparison either.

Maybe Hillary was just tired or maybe people actually have a different opinion about what happened to Vince Foster…

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6 Responses to “What did Hillary Mean to Say?”

  1. Buffoon says:

    My friend it’s only going to get worse. Obama is untouchable…. so he and his follower’s think…

    Buffoons last blog post..IMMIGRATION MYTHS?

  2. Adam says:

    RFK Jr blew it off as a meaningless gaffe. That should be a good measure. Did you see Keith Olbermann going off about it? I’ve had all I can stand of Keith Olbermann and his fake outrage toward Clinton in line with his history of blatant misogyny. Considering he had a gaffe of his own involving Hillary Clinton I think his outrage is very ironic. But I digress…

    Adams last blog post..A Hillary Clinton Stalwart?

  3. Big Dog says:

    Overbite is a jackass. Welcome to the world of a conservative. Overbite has gone after Bush like a rabid dog. Sometimes the president deserved the wrath but often, just as with the Hillary rant, it was full of speculation and the “it means what Overbite says and that is all it can mean.”

    You know I can’t stand Hillary but this is unfair. I understood her meaning though I agree she did not choose her words wisely.

    Maybe you can do a You Tube expressing rage at Overbite’s gaffe re: Hillary…

  4. Adam says:

    I’ve agreed with KO over Katrina and other stuff but really he’s gone too far with me. MSNBC is just a haven for sexist anti-Hillary garbage really though so it’s no surprise to me.

    Adams last blog post..A Hillary Clinton Stalwart?

  5. Steve Dennis says:

    I agree with your assessment totally, Hillary was simply stating situations when the primaries carried onto June and was not hoping for or advocating an Obama assassination. To think otherwise would be stupid. However I am enjoying this, there is no other person in the world I would rather see this happen to. Deep down I know that Hillry is more qualified and would make a better “GULP” president that Obama, but I can’t help but laugh at her demise.

    Steve Denniss last blog post..Videos: Memorial Day Tribute 2008

  6. Well said.

    Barack Obama and his followers blow absolutely everything out of proportion. Anything that people say about Obama that is; if it’s him and his followers trashing John McCain or Hillary Clinton, or the other half of the Democratic party, the people voting for Hillary Clinton, then anything goes!

    Olbermann is ridiculous. He is the stereotypical Obama follower. Look around at the Obama blogs, the Obama followers on Digg, etc. They all have the exact same pompous attitude, full of ignorance. They’re terrible people.

    What’s funny is that they are doing all of this in support of Barack Obama; a person with a questionable aspect to literally every part of his life. He has never, ever, done a single positive thing for our country. He shouldn’t have even had the chance to become a presidential nominee…

    I hope to God that Hillary pulls through. Him simply having a chance to win the presidency turns my stomach.

    Charles Lumias last blog post..The Best Bands That You Don’t Know: Aloha