What Did Casey Sheehan Die For?

This question has been asked by Cindy Sheehan for quite some time now. She wants to know what it was her son died for. I was empathetic when she first began because she was a grieving mother. Now she is an activist who has lost focus. Bosun cross posted an article written by a US soldier that I think answers the question:

On April 4th, 2004 Army Specialist Casey Sheehan and seven fellow soldiers were killed during protracted combat with Shi’ite insurgents in Sadr City, Iraq. Sheehan, a Humvee mechanic, had volunteered for the rescue mission to relieve his besieged comrades only to be ambushed himself while en route. He had been in country for five days.
Casey Sheehan’s mother asks, “What did my son die for?” as she hops the globe with her traveling Cirque du Solemnity. His actions that fateful day provide the answer. Her son — regrettably, now the second most famous Sheehan — and the thousands of others like him, died for their brothers in arms. For their families at home. For their country. For a people they had little in common with other than a desire to live free from fear. For children that were not their own, but that reminded them of home. For the same thing forgotten Americans have long died for in forgotten places like Takur Gahr, Mogadishu, Hue City, Inchon, the Ardennes, Cold Harbor, and Bunker Hill.

Please visit the Bosun Locker to read the rest of this story. It is very inspiring and gives a soldier’s answer to the question from a grieving mother.

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