What Country Are We In?

Five students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill (California) were sent home on 5 May because they had clothing with the American Flag on it. The students were asked to turn their shirts inside out or remove the clothing and when they said they would not they were told they had to leave and if they tried to attend class they would be suspended. It seems that the Mexican students at the school were upset that the boys would display the American Flag on Cinco de Mayo. The principal told them the Flags offended the Mexican students and that it would be OK to wear them on any other day.

First of all it is appropriate to display the American Flag ANY day and second of all Cinco de Mayo is not a holiday in Mexico except in a few places. The hype over it is a concoction of the American beer companies to give people another reason to celebrate.

I have a problem with the kids wearing the American Flag as clothing because this is a violation of the Flag Code and though I would prefer them to display it properly, I do not think they should have been sent home.

The Mexican students demanded an apology but the five say there is no way that will happen, nor should it.

These students were not the only victims of the anti American sentiment. A student has been suspended because he removed a Mexican Flag that was prominently displayed in his school in Texas and the school is making him pay for the flag. If he did not damage it then why would he have to pay for it? The appropriate Flag to display in an American school is the American Flag. The flag of no other country should get any prominence.

Imagine the uproar that would occur if a Confederate Flag were hung in a school on Robert E Lee’s birthday?

Several students at Vintage High School in Napa California were suspended because they burned a Mexican Flag. There is no indication that the flag was burned on school property but the charred remains of the flag were found in a school trash can. How do they know the kids did not find it and threw it away as a “green” gesture?

If these kids burned an American Flag they would be hailed as heroes for upholding their First Amendment right to burn the thing. Burn a Mexican Flag and you get suspended. This is not the first time this has happened. Several years ago a man was arrested for burning a Mexican Flag.

Do you ever see people get arrested for burning an American Flag? The left wing radicals can gather and burn American Flags (as can any other group) and they are left alone (unless a veteran or two happens to be around) but burn a Mexican Flag and you get in trouble.

When I read these news stories I had to wonder for a moment what country we were in and obviously there are a number of people who have that problem all the time so let me clear it up:

This is the United States of America and there is only one Flag that represents this country and it is the American Flag. You Mexican students who want to fly the Mexican Flag can fly it at your home and if that is not good enough you can go back to Mexico and fly it there. To the school administrators, the only flag that should be flying in a position of prominence at your school is the American Flag and if you prominently display any other you need to get a different job. If you send children home for displaying the American Flag you should be removed from your position.

Those who are opposed to a Mexican Flag being burned, I can sympathize with you because I do not like the American Flag burned but the Supreme Court in this Country has decided that doing so is protected speech. I can promise you that if it is OK to burn an American Flag then is it damn sure OK to burn any other flag.

I have a feeling that the Arizona law and the reaction to it has awakened a bunch of people who are tired of being told how to act with regard to illegal immigration and there will be a lot of action on this issue in the near future.

It might get ugly for illegals and for those who want amnesty for them.

Of course, the illegals could go home and save themselves the trouble.

And the up side to leaving is you can fly your country’s flag all you want.

Thank you for calling Big Dog. For English press one. If you don’t speak English hang up and call back when you do.

Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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7 Responses to “What Country Are We In?”

  1. California is deeper in the grip of Leftist lunacy than any other state in the Union. Its “educators” deserve public flogging for what they’ve done to that once-functioning public school system. But let’s remember that this is the state that brought us mandatory “dress and act like a Muslim” day — or was it a week?

    The Left’s reflexive denunciation of anything detectably American reveals itself most blatantly in incidents such as this for a simple reason: Leftists can pretend it’s about being “sensitive” to others’ beliefs. Quite frankly, the idea that the United States and its citizens have any obligation to respect allegiance to a country other than itself, among residents partaking of an American public education, strikes me as treasonous all by itself. It’s certainly adequate grounds for the “educators'” permanent expulsion from employment by the public schools.

    But let’s not lose sight of the larger point. Transport this incident to Mexico. Ask what would have happened to Mexican students who wore the Mexican flag on America’s Independence Day. Then ask what an American Leftist would say about that. As we mathematical types like to say, quod erat demonstrandum.

  2. Slow down on the Texas situation — it is quite different than what you have here.
    1) The flag was authorized by the school.
    2) The kid knew that — his mom had already heard that from the school.
    3) The kid took the flag down and threw it in a covered garbage can, from which it was dumped into a dumpster and then hauled away as a part of the regular garbage pick-up.

    Where I grew up, that is called vandalism and destruction of property, and schools punished it harshly. He ought to be thankful he wasn’t arrested and charged with criminal offenses related to those acts.


    • Big Dog says:

      Thanks for the update on Texas. Obviously we can only go by what is reported in the news.

      However, this does not negate my later part, that no other country’s flag should be placed in a position of prominence in a school. This is America, display the American Flag.

      If the kid took it down and disposed of it as you say then he should have to pay for it. If he just took it down and did not damage it then fine.

      I want to see the same concern from schools when the American Flag is burned or defaced.

  3. Barbara says:

    I was told by a friend that lives in Phoenix, that the Mexican children there wanted to kill the Arizona cops, but she said you will never see that in the newspaper.

    • Big Dog says:

      These people want to retake that part of the US. They are revolutionaries who think it belongs to them. I will be writing a post about it later and we can discuss what sedition really is.

      And why all Americans need to be armed.

  4. Schatzee says:

    I was thoroughly disgusted by this whole ordeal. And this was not an isolated incident from the few stories that I was able to glean from the ‘net. First and foremost, you are so right that it is NEVER the wrong time to wear an American flag and show your support for the country you love. Second, neither the holiday nor the school nor this fricking country belong to those kids, that vice-principal, or any other individual. These things belong to us all.

    It’s a shame the way children are being brainwashed – yeah, I said it – with this kind of political correctness and passive compliance to inappropriate pressures. It seems like such a small thing to some but, again, we’re getting to creeping incrementalism where they are going step-by-step to take over any and all liberties they can wrench from our hands.

  5. Blake says:

    This has been going on for years now- in 1983, the Mexico City daily paper, El Excelsior, printed an editorial that said plainly, that ” We (the Mexican population) will take back the southwestern US, not with guns, but we will use the people- flood the borders, and cause change there”…
    I am tired of being Mexico’s safety valve with its population- if they are SO corrupt, SO incompetent, and SO ignorant that they cannot run a government, perhaps we should conquer THEM- then we would have more oil, more silver, more natural resources, and I am sure, (after a change in OUR government) that we could run Mexico better than they are.
    First, I would kill ALL the druggie people- that would cut down on crime- we could employ other Mexicans to do this- they only have an alliegence to their counttry when they are in OURS, apparently.
    Look- even the Tejanos (or at least the smart ones)know that this illegal immigration is bad for this country- it is only the brain-dead progressive, or the rabid revolutionary who is ignorant enough to believe otherwise.