What Changed Hillary?

Young Hillary

This picture came off the web and it is reported to be a picture of Hillary when she was a young lady. Probably back when she was preparing to go to college and before she became a Democrat.

The picture picture below features the many faces of Hillary as we know her now:
Hillary faces

What changed her from an attractive young lady into an old crumpled, mean, nasty lady who picks her nose in public?

In one word, LIBERALISM.

Mothers and fathers take note and do not raise your daughters as liberals or they will suffer the same fate!

Big Dog

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5 Responses to “What Changed Hillary?”

  1. Raven says:


    Okay…Liberal women tend to worry more about things. Like how they look and appear. They’re also hypocrites of the highest order…they claim one thing but take actions that lead to the opposite.

    Looks don’t matter…but I’m gonna color my hair and get a face lift.

  2. Schatzee says:

    Conservativism — better than Botox? LOL I am staying away from cameras for the rest of my life (just in case).

  3. Steve Dennis says:

    Too much Hillary in one post. I am never going to be able to sleep tonight now!

    Steve Dennis’s last blog post..All Hail John Murtha, the King of Pork!

  4. Big Dog says:

    Yeah, she is tough on the eyes.