What Can Brown Do For You?

Not much.

Scott Brown, the Massachusetts Senator who ran to oppose Obamacare and add another allegedly conservative voice to DC, is now considering a run for the White House. Brown was elected and had no impact on the Obamacare vote because the Senate played games with the vote which effectively negated Brown’s vote.

In any event, Brown was defeated by Lie-A-Watha Elizabeth Warren and is now a former Senator from Massachusetts.

Brown is not a conservative and his time in the Senate was more of a moderate, RINO, love fest. He played middle of the road to left of center in his dealings in the Senate and now he wants to be the moderate candidate in the 2016 presidential sweepstakes.

I imagine Brown is basing his desires on the teachings from the book Great Moderates in History. Oh wait, no such book exists.

Sitting on the fence and failing to have firm convictions is not what the country needs. We need a solid conservative to lead this nation away from progressivism and out of the doldrums that started under Bush (and the democratically controlled Congress) and have continued under B. Hussein Obama.

Scott Brown says he wants an inclusive and tolerant party. The GOP is already such a party as no one is barred from being in the so called big tent. What we do not need are politicians who pander to people just so they will be included. People need to come to the party because it offers real solutions not feel good bunk and rhetoric about being everything to everyone.

If Brown wants that environment then he should consider changing to the Democrat Party.

Conservatives (note I did not specifically say Republicans) are happy to welcome everyone. But people have to want to come because they believe in responsibility, self reliance and the Constitution.

Not because someone says what they want to hear while handing them free phones and food stamps paid for by those who are working AND paying taxes.

No, we do not need Scott Brown. He could not beat Fauxcahauntas in Massachusetts and he will not win a national election.

The Republican Party needs a solid conservative, not a moderate go along to get along RINO.

We had those in the past few elections and because of that we have King Obama and his band of jesters destroying the country.

Brown seems like a nice guy and has a big heart but he is a moderate who supports the Massachusetts version of Obamacare and a ban on certain firearms (inappropriately named assault weapons). He is not the answer to the nation’s problems and should stick with being a lawyer (or modeling) instead of trying to be president.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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