What About Separation Of Powers?

Seems to me that most members of Congress, regardless of party were very upset that the FBI searched the office of William Jefferson, Democrat Louisiana. They were upset about this so-called separation of powers. How dare the Executive Branch look in the offices of the Legislative Branch? Why this is a violation of the Constitution.

As has been reported since around 1000 this morning, the Capital Police are investigating possible shots fired at the Rayburn Office Building, the very same building where William Jefferson, Democrat Louisiana, has an office. The police have told everyone who is in the building to stay in their offices and lock the doors. The people have been informed that the law enforcement will knock on the door and give a code word. The occupants have been instructed to cooperate with law enforcement and allow them to check things out. The TV News is showing a number of people with jackets boldly emblazoned with FBI so one has to assume they are part of the law enforcement team.

My how things have changed. We have gone from Hastert, Frist, Pelosi and every other holier than though politician who believe Congress is above the law, demanding that evidence be returned and that the unconstitutional search be investigated to please let the law enforcement officers in so they can investigate. I might be wrong on this, but I doubt it, but in both instances, the police are searching for evidence of a crime whether it is documents about bribes or a person with a weapon. If these holier than thou members of Congress are really concerned about this idea of separation of powers and violations of the speech and debate clause (both of which the Dog has debunked) then why are they allowing members of the Executive Branch to enter their offices now?

I guess they only have this selected separation of powers in that when you are looking for crimes that they have committed there is a separation but when you are investigating a crime committed against them, it is OK. Perhaps the Executive Branch should end this unconstitutional search of the offices and let the Congress and its staff fend for themselves.

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