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What About Guarding America’s Secrets?

I do not agree with much of what Susan Estrich says and we are politically opposite but I have read a bit about her and she had some tough times growing up so I applaud her for making something of herself despite the troubles along the way (not to minimize rape by calling it a troubles, because it is a terrible crime). I know there are many people who have tough times growing up but it is nice to hear about the ones that made something of themselves and Estrich is quite accomplished.

Estrich wrote a piece at Fox News (Fair and Balanced) and it discusses how Hillary Rodham had a bad week last week. In it she wrote this:

Let’s start with the Henry memo. I don’t know the guy personally, and he may be very good at many things. But writing a memo at this point arguing that Hillary should bypass Iowa is just plain stupid. First of all, even if that’s what you think, you don’t write it down and circulate it around the campaign. How many campaign memos will have to be leaked (so far, we’ve had Giuliani and Romney, and now Clinton) before staffers and consultants get the point that you can’t put on paper anything you don’t want to see on the front page of the New York Times or in the table of contents of the Drudge Report. Fox News

The article goes on to talk about Top Secret memos being an invitation for someone to leak them. As we can see in the quote above, Estrich thinks that it is wise not to write important stuff down because she believes that secrets should be secrets. From her piece, I gather that she thinks it is a bad thing for secrets to appear in the NYT (or anywhere else for that matter). I can not disagree with her. It is important for campaigns, companies, and even our country, to keep secrets.

I believe that is the point that was made some time ago when every other week someone was leaking national secrets and the NYT was reporting secret programs, war plans, agency activities and all kinds of other secret stuff. The left and their minions in the media felt it was the people’s right to know these things.

So why is it not our right to know what Hillary’s campaign plans are? Surely they can not be more important than our national secrets or worthy of more aggressive safeguarding…

The left only believes that secrets should be kept when they involve a Democratic campaign or the wife of a third shelf, loser diplomat.

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