What a Wonderful Way to Say it!

I was surfing around and came across a website named Kerry Haters. There is a post there from Chris at Kerry Waffles. This is a wonderful story about something his dad said to the family.

Wanted to share something else that my Dad said that hit home with me. Lots of my family is Hispanic and will vote Kerry. They invited my Dad to a family meeting to convince him to go with Kerry, which I know is a snowball’s chance in hell. My Dad is a 35 year Army vet that retired as an officer, but started as an enlisted door gunner on a Huey in Nam. He made a comment that silenced the entire room of 30 people.

He said, “This is a free Country. How you vote doesn’t bother me a bit. I fought for your right to vote any way you want. Just remember, when I vote for Bush that vote is for my Country that I love. When you vote for Kerry, that vote is for yourselves and your petty wants and needs. Your vote is a selfish one.”

First of all I want to thank this veteran for his service to our country. The veterans gave us the right to go out and vote in the election as a symbol of our freedom. For that we owe them our undying gratitude.

How about that comment? Is that not the best way you have ever heard it put? This man obviously gets it. He knows why he fought and he does not try to force anyone in to his way of thinking. I agree with him 100%. Anyone who votes for Kerry is casting a selfish vote.

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