Were tornadoes a message from God?

The Democrats have all gathered in Denver for their convention love fest. Despite a lack of limousines, Dems were able to get to their “green” convention in the style they accuse out of touch Republicans of using.

Barack Obama hopes to make people believe he is no different than anyone else who has gone to school on scholarships and student loans and has had to figure out how to afford child care and activities for the youngsters. He might hope people will believe that but he and his wife spend more on piano lessons and camp than most people make in a year. Their kids go to private school and they own a home that cost them more than a million dollars even if a convicted lobbyist helped them buy it for political favor.

The Democrats also want us to believe that they are the party of faith. They barely acknowledged faith four years ago and their secular ways are touted whenever it is not an election year. They realized though, that the religious right is a big voting block and they would like to tap into it. What better way than to have a number of diverse religious groups and to start things off with a prayer? The Democrats are carefully moving into this area and claiming it is because Obama is giving people a seat at the table. The truth is that George Bush beat them with values voters and the left wants to tap into that group.

When there is no election the Democrats love to dismiss religion and invoke such non existent claims as Separation of Church and State (which is not written in the Constitution) and they love to side with the ACLU when it attacks religious groups. They use to dismiss religious voters until the Conservative Christians became a huge force. Now Democrats want to tap into that base. How they expect to do so when the Democratic platform involves killing unborn children and when their presumptive nominee advocates allowing children born alive to die is beyond me.

Perhaps this is why there were four tornadoes near Denver last night. Maybe God is expressing Himself in the debate.

Perhaps last night’s tornadoes were a prelude to Thursday night.

One can only HOPE…

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One Response to “Were tornadoes a message from God?”

  1. not as stupid as you says:

    dumbass – explain the hurricanes.