Wendy Davis Aborted The Truth

Wendy, Wendy what went wrong, oh so wrong….[lyrics from Beach Boys song Wendy]

Looks like Wendy Davis from Texas has added to her Democrat resume by lying about her past. The Texas legislator is already a hero because she filibustered for abortion so much so that she is now running for governor of the state.

Recently Davis admitted that she lied about her past including when she was divorced and she might have broken the law by laying under oath. Given that Barack Obama lied about his past and lied about his mother being denied cancer treatment and given that Bill Clinton lied about his childhood and given the fact that both are held up as liberal icons it looks like Davis might have made herself even more desirable to the liberal left.

Liberals love liars. They love when people change history to give an account of struggle overcome by the liberal hero. They love this because they love to show that big government being there for the little guy is all that saves mankind. Davis is just following the lead of the liberals throughout history who change the story to fit their needs.

I can’t imagine Texas would put this liar in office because the state is reliably conservative but liberals have been relocating there to escape the tyranny of liberalism. The problem is when liberals relocate they don’t leave their liberalism and liberal voting patterns behind. They bring their brand of stupidity with them to infect the new place like a cancer that keeps growing.

Davis will spin this lie as a necessary evil and try to make herself look like a darling who is at a disadvantage in a misogynist backwards system in Texas that needs her liberal brand to fix it.

Reject this moron now and be done with her.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Wendy Davis Aborted The Truth”

  1. Blake says:

    The only problem with attacking Wendy, is that she will play the “abused and scorned woman” card when the attacks come too close to home.
    But she is right in one fact- she IS trailer trash with a polish job.