Well, We Ensured Our Demise

The Senate passed the bill to raise the debt limit by 2.4 TRILLION dollars an unprecedented amount that tops the previous high, also set by Obama just last year. The deal is supposed to be the best we could get and with only a portion of government controlled by conservatives that is likely true. Too much wheeling and dealing took place to resolve this phony crisis drummed up by Obama and his minions. Instead of something responsible we got a bill, that Obama promptly signed into law, that will raise our taxes and all but guarantees we will see our credit rating lowered and interest rates rise.

The deal allows the government to borrow 2.4 TRILLION dollars raising our debt to over 16 TRILLION dollars. The debt of the US did not hit 2.4 TRILLION dollars until 1987. Yes, it took from our founding until 1987 to hit a total debt, as a country, of 2.4 TRILLION and the government just raised the limit by that amount. It is absolutely amazing that the pinheads in DC don’t understand what they are doing to us as a country.

The total debt of the federal government did not hit $2.4 trillion until November 1987, according to the U.S. Treasury Department. According to Treasury’s Monthly Statements of the Public Debt, the national debt equaled $2.3848 trillion at the end of October 1987 and $2.409572 trillion by the end of November 1987. CNS News

So we added 2.4 TRILLION to our debt and when the Bush tax cuts expire we will all be hit with a tax increase. There is no way that Obama will allow them to continue because he is foaming at the mouth to get the chance to raise taxes. Whether he wins in 2012 or not he will still be in office and there is no way he will allow the tax cuts to continue. We will get socked.

To top that off Obama and Congress ensured we will get hit with another tax increase. Once our credit rating is lowered we will all get hit with higher interest rates and this amounts to a tax on all of us, Obama said so himself. So we will get taxed twice, will have more debt and the alleged cuts will actually add 7 TRILLION dollars to our debt over the next ten years.

This is fiscal suicide and it amounts to malfeasance by every elected official who voted for this.

The former comptroller general is predicting we are three years away from being like Greece.

With this deal and the out of control spending it is only a matter of time before drastic cuts to (and possibly the elimination of) social programs will take place. We will have to put draconian austerity measures in place and those who were fighting for their piece of someone else’s pie today are going to be without in the future.

And I doubt the government is going to like our response.

Remember today and remember in November 2012. We need to get rid of everyone who voted for this.

And we can start with the guy at the top. One and done.


As an aside, the stock market took a beating today. So much for saving the country…

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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12 Responses to “Well, We Ensured Our Demise”

  1. CoolCat says:

    No kidding! As The Donald predicted, they will do too little and too late. They’re throwing us under the bus…uhhh, same MO as before, they continue to throw us under the bus! The Tea Party is making tiny strides in D.C.s armor of deceit, corruption and idiocy!
    We still have too many of the same old clueless politicians! Can they really be that hard-headed or are they just totally blind?! How could the people who caused the problem actually fix the problem! What WERE we thinking? :-)

    • Ferd Berfel says:

      They are far from blind. They each and everyone of them stand to gain by doing this to us. This is the equivalent of your lawyer telling you to take the fall for a crime you didn’t do, he says it’s in your best interest ’cause you will loss the case if goes to trial. And unknown to many, he will get paid more from the other side of the case than he gets from you, to sucker you into going to jail for his crime.
      Because this entire crime of financial malfeasance is created and perpetrated by the very same lawyers who made the budget that O-God-dam-bama signed.

      Are you sick and tired of paying for congresses mistakes? I sure am.
      They are crazy, yeah. Crazy like foxes.

    • Blake says:

      Anyone who doesn’t know that o-bamarama is actually trying to topple our fiscal system, is either an idiot, or hasn’t been paying attention- even someone who WANTS to do this has to work at it. This could not ever have been a series of random events that drove us to this place.
      What truly bugs me is that liberals are either brain-dead, or they actually believe this fiscal mess is a good thing.

  2. carter says:

    The writing is on the wall. Get out of debt, reduce the cost of living and get ready for trouble. Self sufficiency is key.
    Have you noticed that many of the fruit and vegetable stands along the road are now selling flowers?

    • Blake says:

      That’s because they ran out of veggies- I grow my own garden, and have been busy canning everything I can put into a jar- squash, beans,- I make my own salsa and marinara sauce, and I have bought (before they went up in price) beans (30 lbs.) and rice (30 lbs.).
      I am lucky in that I have a lot of wildlife- deer, rabbits, and squirrels, so I won’t starve.
      I also have a fireplace, so even if the liberals screw up this country so bad that our energy needs can’t be met, I will have heat.

  3. D-Day says:

    I’ll tell you what we were thinking Cool Cat. Absolutely nothing. That’s our problem in a nut shell. We have been voting the same bastards into office expecting a different result. Sounds like insanity to me. Yeah, there was some new blood put in this last go round, but it wasn’t enough. We need to get rid of Every One that has been in office over 6 years. But Alas, the Liberals will not vote away the dynasties they have established.


    • CoolCat says:

      I know, we got lazy, fat & sassy in our wonderful, free American comfort zone. We can kiss life as we knew it goody-bye! We humans sure can ignore the obvious signs, can’t we?!
      It’s so hard to wrap my head around the idea that Liberals actually believe what they spout! I will never understand why people believe gov’t can create jobs, why they think gov’t can “invest” in anything, or why they think we should pay more taxes! Where is the proof that any of those things are true or beneficial to anyone? Where? OK, I tend to ask rhetorical questions…no need to answer, of course :-)

      • Ferd Berfel says:

        You don’t have to feel defeated. Get out there and do something about it. educate your family. Stop being politely silent. Make those liberals hate you. Get in their face and learn to talk, to write, to use your mighty brains! The war is on, and we are down several rounds.
        How many of you remember WWII? SMART People said we would loss that one.
        But the tough get up and act tough. They don’t lay around and say, “we got lazy, fat & sassy in our wonderful, free American comfort zone. We can kiss life as we knew it goody-bye!”
        No! We make THEM kiss THEIR lazy life good-bye! Because I was never asleep, and never lazy. And doubt you were either. Am I wrong?

        • CoolCat says:

          well uhhh, I won’t take your words personally … as I agree. Many (“we”) Americans DID make those mistakes…take our freedoms for granted and not pay attention. That attitude has proven to be a disaster. Too often I hear things like, “it’s too depressing to watch the news” from the Oprah-watchers. I’m doing what I can to open peoples’ eyes — wrote 2 blogs on here earlier: July 10 and July 14, that is pretty time consuming, although very enjoyable, and I do work full time, help an older disabled neighbor daily, and serve on the HOA Board-which relates to emails, calls and issues every darn evening and weekend. I regularly inform my buddies via email of the fact that they cannot trust the MSM or believe most of what they hear or read, that each of us needs to be responsible citizens. My family gets it; they were brought up to work hard and be an asset to society. 2 out of 3 kids own their own business and all work very hard. We’re on the same page…it is so incredibly crazy that America’s “leaders” could actually believe in big government…totally opposite of the purpose of our brave beginnings!

          • Blake says:

            It is the “bread and circuses” theory- when people, especially lazy people, find out theey can vote money for themselves, they do so.
            Part of being able to vote should be that you are gainfully employed. If you are going to play in this game, you should have to ante in the form of taxes.
            No job, no voice in where the money goes.
            BTW- the money we “saved” in this debt ceiling deal amounts to about 5.3 hours of a government day-whoo hoo- oh boy did we stick it to that traitor in the WH.
            yeah, right-