Well, The Donks Are Right

Unless you live in a cave you have heard that Michael Jackson was found not guilty on all ten counts brought against him. Here is a very freakish man who admitted to sleeping with little boys in his bed and the jury found him not guilty on all counts. I have always believed in the system of justice we have in this country. I think OJ did it, Mike Tyson did not and there is not enough evidence to give Scott Peterson the death penalty. However, I think that if juries found the way they did we should abide by it. After hearing the Jackson verdict I have to admit that the liberals are right. If you are a wealthy white man you can beat the rap. Black guys don’t stand a chance.

But I am wondering why Revuum Jackson was not out protesting for this little boy. If this had been a case where a white guy (a real one) had been accused of molesting black kids Revuum Jackson would be in front of the courthouse with the Rainbow Brigade protesting racism in America. Why is it that the good Revuum, and his sidekick Sharpton can remain silent when a black man is accused of molesting white kids. All that little girl in New York had to do was say white guys attacked her and they were all in the cameras talking about racism. Jackson (Michael) has been accused before and has paid $20 million to two different families over child molestation and these civil rights activists can’t come out and support the kid.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the case was weak. I figured he would have been found guilty of something just based upon his history. And weak cases have never stopped these jackasses from making statements about racism in America. Hell, in the new York case there was no one in custody when these guys were barking about racism. The case went from weak to nonexistent when it was discovered that the girl lied but it did not stop the mouths of justice.

Here in America people like to tell us how bad things are and how tough it is to be a minority. I know there are prejudices, they are everywhere. I have experienced them as has everyone who has brains enough to see it. I do not let them bother me and I carry on with my life. I have often said that the blacks in this country would not be so oppressed if they did not have people like the Revuum telling them how oppressed they are. I have also never believed that the judicial system is harder on blacks than whites (or easier on whites than non whites). The left would have us believe that if you are a rich white guy you can get away with anything. I say if you are rich, regardless of color, you can get away with a lot. Look, OJ and MJ got off and Peterson did not. Kind of lays to rest that idea about the courts favoring the white guy.

So the freak show continues at Neverland. I think the parents of those children should be charged with child abuse and endangerment. And if there is one parent left in this world who would let his child stay with Jackson then that person should be slapped around with a rubber hose.

Good news if you have kids. Wal Mart is having a Michael Jackson sale. Little boys pants, half off.

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2 Responses to “Well, The Donks Are Right”

  1. Adam says:

    Man, you just keep on with the jokes today. Too bad this one came out the first go around, 10 years ago. I still say take it on the road.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Then it was K-Mart. Probably before your time….