Well It Didn’t Take Long

Last evening I wrote a post that the Democrats are also worried about the guilty plea of Jack Abramoff. One who should be particularly concerned is Harry Reid who received money, though not directly, for services to one of Abramoff’s clients. I also stated that it would not be long before Botox Pelosi came out with her most corrupt statement. Well, it is less than 24 hours since i wrote that item and here is what Pelosi had to say:

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said Abramoff’s confession in court was “not a surprise because this Republican Congress is the most corrupt in history and the American people are paying the price.”

She is predictable as are most of the Democrats. This is the canned text she hopes to ingrain in the drones heads. I am not excusing anyone’s behavior, Republican or Democrat. I hope that when all is said and done the people involved, regardless of party, will be removed from their jobs and spend time in jail. We need to take back this country.


Interestingly, the article does not mention Reid among the few Republicans it indicates could be implicated. I wonder why that is?

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