Welcome To Anti-Terrorism Philosophy

Art Buchwald has an interesting piece about the departure of Dan Rather from “See BS.” The piece is interesting and discusses much of the PR and behind the scenes items that occur. Interestingly, the following statement was made after discussing Dan’s phony document story:

In the TV business, you have to be right 100 percent of the time. If you’re not, people will start picking on you.

Welcome to the world of anti-terrorism. George Bush has said it a bunch of times, terrorists need to be right only once, we must be right 100% of the time. The difference between fighting terrorists and the TV business is if we are wrong with terrorism people die. When people on TV are wrong the only thing that happens is they get a long overdue boot out the door with a hefty severance package.

Of course, the item must have been tongue-in-cheek because Rather was wrong a bunch of times over the years and it never hurt him. What hurt him is his attempt to manipulate a Presidential election. Regardless of Rather’s claims that he always fought for a free press he actually only wanted a press in which he was free to say what he wanted regardless of fact.

Source: Washington Post

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