Weiner Gets Peed Off

Failed politician Anthony Weiner got peed off at some pee recently. He took his child to a playground and when he went to use one of the swings it had urine on it.

Evidently, another father had removed his wet child and was going to get something to clean up the mess. Weiner screamed “Thanks for leaving this soaking wet!”

The father told Weiner he was going to clean it up and then commented that it was funny Weiner was the one to say something about someone else’s self control.

That is priceless. Weiner has left messes all over the place that others have had to deal with. He was caught sexting with women and sending them naked pictures of himself. He had to leave Congress bcause of it and his fellow Democrats had to clean up the mess. His wife was forced to endure the shame.

Then Weiner decided he wanted to be Mayor of New York and was caught sexting again. This required his wife to defend him and his supporters were left with another Weiner mess.

Fortunately, this time the citizens of New York cleaned up the mess by voting for someone else.

Or to put it another way, New Yorkers peed on Weiner….

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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