Weep Not, Oh Israel

Quite some time ago we were involved in a dispute with Mexico and they became violent giving us the massacre at the Alamo. This action by the so called big man Santa Anna made a bunch of Americans real mad and it took about 18 minutes to lay waste to his Army. Despite his bravado, Santa Anna signed a treaty ending hostilities, allowing him to return to Mexico where he lobbied for Texas’ Independence. He did not have the guts displayed by Davy Crockett when faced with a difficult choice. Texas became a state and has been a great addition to our country.

Imagine that a bunch of Mexican folks started crying about the loss of Texas and eventually our government said they could have it back. Imagine Texans being told that they had to leave the state by a certain date or they would be evicted by our own military. Imagine the shock and outrage most of the country would feel at this betrayal by their own government. Could we sit back and allow this to happen? Would we support those who resisted? Or would we ask them to be complacent and abide by the government’s decision?

The same issue now confronts the people of Israel. They took Gaza in a war in 1967 and they had a legal claim to it. Israel has been harassed by the countries surrounding it for years. and it launched a preemptive strike and was involved in a six day war with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. In the process they were the ones who earned the spoils. This land has been disputed for quite a long time. If Israel had lost land no country would have given a damn. They earn some and the Arab world mourns. This is the same Arab world that wants to see the end of the Jews and their home. So now, the Arabs are one step closer. Gaza now belongs to the Palestinians (who should have no claim because the land was divided between Israel and Egypt to begin with) and they are just that much closer to squeezing the life out of Israel.

The government of Israel decided that it was wise to give Gaza up to the Palestinians. The very people who have killed countless Jews with homicide bombers will now have control of the land that effectively and completely surrounds Israel with enemies. Gaza was a strategic piece of property that will now provide the Jew’s enemies with a launching pad to put an end to them. It is quite a shame and the military who were forced to remove those who refused are anguished over what they were forced to do. The tears in their eyes show they would rather fight the enemy than hurt their own. But for now, it is an unsettled life for those forced out because of hatred.

It is worth noting that many have speculated this will stop the killing. I am sure that the Palestinians will cease until they are in their new digs. Then, they will go back to their terrorist ways. They have already been sporting hate filled banners taunting the Israelis. I think that the government of Israel should make it clear that any attacks upon their now substantially reduced country will be met with swift, fierce, and lethal justice. The Palestinians should know up front that if so much as one lunatic with a bomb strapped on his body harms one Jew Gaza will belong to the Jews once again and the Palestinians will cease to exist. The Israeli government placated a bunch of terrorists and when you do that they only become emboldened. Israel beat three Arab countries in one war and they can do it again.

It is clear that Israel has done what it can, despite its best interests, to end the violence and try to have a peaceful coexistence with its neighbors. But if they are attacked now, the next time Israeli soldiers evict people from Gaza it will be lethal.

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3 Responses to “Weep Not, Oh Israel”

  1. I am baffled by this whole Gaza thing. Why would anyone EVER consider leaving their land at the force of their country? Isn’t the role of a government to provide for a collective defense of her citizens. If that is not the main purpose of a government, Israel doesn’t need one and we don’t need one either.

    Another odd thing about Gaza is that it is effectively fenced out of Israel. The security gate is on the border of Gaza and greater Israel. If it is their land, they really should have been acting like it for at least 35 of the last 38 years.

  2. Surfside says:

    Well, that’s certainly one way of looking at the issue. However, the Israeli government was elected by majority vote — largely on this issue. So, it seems the “people” have decided this for themselves. Don’t we embrace the Democratic practice?

    Following this logic, we should be angered that the British government returned the land to the Arab and Jewish people to begin with. By right of acquisition, the land should still be theirs. And, if they had maintained control and oversight, maybe there wouldn’t be so much terrorism in the world. Somehow, I doubt that given the recent London attacks.

    It’s not like this a new concept. It’s been on the table for more than 10 years. Since when is a gesture of “goodwill” considered a failure? While “countless” Israelis have been killed, it’s hardly fair to blame the majority of Palestinians for the bloodshed. Yes, Hamas has a strong contingency in the area. But, most of the Palestinians just want to return to the land of their fathers — quite literally, in some cases. Some Arabs were actually tossed out of their houses and the houses were then given to Jewish families. Even the CIA considers the Gaza strip Palestinian land under Israeli “occupation.” And, that is why the Gaza strip is fenced off from Israel.

    I’m not arguing that you don’t make some very good points. I’m just saying there’s many ways in which to evaluate this issue.

    The world is a much smaller place than back in the 1800s. Imperialism is no longer an option given the proliferation of WMDs.

    (And, once again proving that I’m no one’s lapdog. LOL!)

  3. Adam says:


    Let me check the times on those comments…okay, you’re in the clear…you’re no lapdog…this time.

    Big Dog:

    I like what I’m seeing lately with Israel leaving Gaza. It would be like Texas and Mexico only if there were a large number of Mexicans living in Texas still claiming Texas was Mexico and you had violence inside because of the differing views.

    I side with Surfside on this one. I have a friend from Yemen, where bin Laden was born. That doesn’t make him a terrorist like Osama. Don’t blame the actions of killers on the millions of Palestinians who just want a place to live in a nation that was still Palestine when some of their parents were born.

    Why should all Palestinians suffer because of terrorists when as many innocent Palestinians die every year because of Israeli actions we don’t label as terrorism?

    It’s going to take a lot from both sides, and the worst thing we can do for Israel and Palestine is to simplify their struggle into some black and white idea.