Weekend Trackback Party (Sticky)

Well boys and girls it is time again for the trackback fest so Mr. Peabody, crank up the trackback machine and fill this page with trackbacks from any post you like. Trackback as many times as you like. Remember though to link to this site.

I still have trouble with Haloscan sites receiving my trackbacks and I get theirs about half the time. If your TB does not show up try using the Wizbang Standalone Trackback Pinger.

Let the games begin and as always, I will try to update this with links to those who are also having a party.

Other parties:
Stop the Aclu | Cao’s Blog | Mudville Gazette | Don Surber | TMH’s Bacon Bits | Basil’s Blog | Conservative Cat | Mr. Snitch | NIF | Adam’s Blog | Florida Masochist | Bloggin’ Outloud | Jo’s Cafe | Publius Rendezvous | MacStansbury | Indepundit | The Junction | Soldier’s Angel | Two Babes and a Brain | The Blue State Conservatives | Sun Comprehending Glass | Oblogatory Anecdotes | Random Numbers | MYVRWC

Lyn at bloggin’ outloud tried a trackback but the “pingy thingy” did not work!! Damn Trackbacks.

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25 Responses to “Weekend Trackback Party (Sticky)”

  1. NIF says:

    Preemptive Strike of Limited Blogation

    Today’s dose of NIF – News, Interesting & Funny … Friday’s are good, not so much for Scooter

  2. Top ten rejected Jersey state slogans

    Our top ten entries in the competition for a new state slogan.

  3. Achieving “Critical Mass” – OoRah!

    Achieving “Critical Mass”….that’s currently the Marine Team’s focus in the Project Valour-IT Blogger Fundraising Competition. While the Army, Navy and Air Force team leaders have yet to be announced, big bloggers have been asked to lead those tea…

  4. Trick or Treat Weekend Trackback Party!

    Hope everyone has a spooky Halloween, and gets lots of candy! So share your tricks and treats with us for our Halloween trackback party!
    Here is how it works. Edit a post to include a link to this post, and send a trackback. No link to this post…

  5. […] Blog Conservative Cat [Comments_(1)] [Printable_Version] [Permalink] [Trackback_URI] [Trackback URI] right click+copyshortcut […]


    Sites with Open Trackbacks for this weekend (it will update often, so keep checking back)

  7. TGIF-Open Trackbacks Late Edition

    Well, I’ve started a new job which is crippling my computer use during the day so please excuse this week’s late edition of TGIF. I won’t bother rehashing links to stories and articles which you’ve probably read ten times already…

  8. RedAlt says:

    RedAlt Test Trackback

    This is a trackback test sent by RedAlt. If you have received it, trackbacks are working on your site!

  9. […] This is a test of this site’s ability to receive pingbacks from RedAlt. […]

  10. Chateau d'If says:

    ITunes: A Random Disquisition

    I finally broke down a few weeks ago and decided to check out this iTunes thing Lileks keeps mumbling about (mumbling, that is, in the most-consistently-interesting-writing-out-there sense). Next thing you know I’ll have an iPod (video, of course, to …

  11. War on Iran

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s comment that “Israel should be wiped off the map” has been backed, rejected and denied by Iran. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told reporters that Washington was taking the rhetoric seriously as Iran, w…

  12. 50 Cent ; Get Rich Or Die tryin

    Controversy over billboards for 50 Cent’s upcoming movie “Get Rich or Die Tryin”, for glorifying violence, saw protests erupt over the gangsta rapper shown stripped to the waist with his bullet-scarred back, holding a microphone a…

  13. So what do Zionists say about Arabs?

    “You will read a lot in the next few days and weeks in the British press about how Iran should be “wiped off the map” by the west for President Ahmadinejad comments. Now two wrongs don’t make a right but there is massive hypoc…

  14. Don Surber says:

    They Wanted A Hog, But Got A Scooter

    After two years of hoping to see Karl Rove frog-marched in a perp walk, liberals got the veep’s chief of staff hobbling on crutches. The New York Times had to admit: “Even after the indictment on Friday of I. Lewis Libby Jr., Vice President Dick Chen…

  15. Cao's Blog says:

    Interview with Jim Morris re Jack Idema

    I am pleased to have with me today Jim Morris, a well-published author and SF to the nth power–whose history with Jack Idema goes way back in time. Morris is the author of the best seller War Story, published only four years after the fall of Saigon.

  16. Finally, the Senate Gets Something Right!

    Could it be that the Senate Republicans are actually figuring out that they WON the election?

  17. […] at Big Dog.   [link]  [Trackback URI]  […]

  18. Will Prof. Sami Al-Arian be released?

    That’s the speculation being raised recently since his lawyer rested without presenting any more arguments in the trial that’s been conducted against this terror-supporting professor who worked in South Florida, who also happens to have been a guest …

  19. MacStanbury says:

    HaloScan runs into big problems with WordPress, for some reason. half the time it won’t work on MYVRWC at all.

    I use HaloScan for trackbacks, but it didn’t work here at all. I cranked up Mr. Wizbang, and it went through on the first try.

  20. The Scary Fake MSN Messenger Virus Thingy

    The network of people who communicate via MSN Messenger are being subjected to a particularly terrifying joke. Essentially, someone has created a set of three animated smileys that appear to be a downloading virus. The standard method for applying the…

  21. Don Surber says:

    How Harriet Miers Saved The President

    Bush’s comeback is pretty easy to see. He starts with a solid Supco nominee, picks up on the budget-cutting Coburn — real cuts, not showy Alaskan bridges — and by taking the Iraq war to the people. I have written this over and over again: It is time…

  22. Trackback Party

    Just in time for Halloween, a number of Blogs ran back-track parties.