Wealthy Liberals And The Environment

California is in the middle of a water shortage partly because of a drought and partly because of environmental policies that rob people of water. Things are so bad that Governor Moonbeam Brown has imposed water restrictions for the first time in the state’s history. People will be fined for using too much water.

Want a long hot shower? Too bad! You stay in the shower too long and it will cost you a little more.

The wealthy though don’t seem to care too much. Their water usage is much higher than the peon class.

I am sure some of those wealthy folks are conservatives but given the wealthy areas in question and given the demographics of the state it is safe to assume that most of the wealthy who are using all the water are liberals.

These folks are supposed to be the ones who care about the environment and mother earth. I guess that all goes down the drain (pun intended) when their beautifully landscaped properties are involved.

All these rich people are ignoring the environment and the serious water crisis so that they can have lush green lawns and healthy productive fruit trees.

The poor have to cut back and skip showers to avoid fines while the rich ignore the problem because they want the water and can afford any fines they get.

This is not an uncommon thought pattern for liberals. They keep pushing the myth about manmade global warming and then ride in limousines, chartered airplanes and private helicopters to jaunt around town. They use plenty of fossil fuels to provide them with convenience and comfort while telling the rest of us to cut back before we melt from the temperature rise.

They scream that we all need to pay more in taxes and then they find ways to avoid paying them.

Liberals in the entertainment business claim to support unions and then do their work in Canada using non union labor while paying lower wage rates.

So in reality it should surprise absolutely no one that these folks are not complying with water restrictions.

These inconveniences do not apply to them and they will not comply with the restrictions.

Moonbeam will not go too hard on them because he needs their political donations.

And if things get too bad they can afford to move someplace else. Maybe they can try Massachusetts.

After last winter they have enough water to supply just about everyone…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Wealthy Liberals And The Environment”

  1. Barbara says:

    This is example of Money talks Bullsit walks. We peons are bullshit to them, we are suppose to do without for them. Are as a Liberal thinks “do as I say not as I do.,” I have a say too and it is screw them , I am my boss not them.

  2. Blake says:

    They say a liberal is a conservative who has not yet been mugged- I say a liberal is just someone who needs to be kneecapped on general principles-