We Need Voter ID

There are stories of immigrants who are not allowed to vote doing so in Maryland and other places. There are stories of people showing up to vote and being informed that they have already voted. Of course we all know the stories of how the dead have voted for decades.

Even though all of this takes place the government or more specifically the Democrats in government, tell us we do not need voter ID laws. Democrats claim that such laws are discriminatory and are designed to keep minorities from voting. You see, the Democrats want you to believe that the minority community can’t get an ID.

More incredibly, they want you to believe that these people do not have an ID. One must have an ID to do almost everything in this country (except vote) but somehow all these people have gotten by without one.

It is pure hogwash.

Eric “The Red” Holder is against voter ID and while he might parrot the party line he, like all Democrats, knows that they can only win by cheating and voter ID reduces the possibility of them doing so.

James O’Keefe had someone go to a polling place in the last election and claim to be Eric Holder. The person gave all the needed information and was given a ballot. NO VOTE WAS CAST but the demonstration showed how easy it was to cheat.

Now O’Keefe has struck again in North Carolina. He was able to get ballots posing as people who had not voted in quite some time. He was offered over twenty ballots without anyone confirming his identity. He finally found one person who was suspicious and asked for ID. The irony is the person broke the law by asking for it.

You can watch the videos at the linked site which is The Daily Mail out of the UK. It is publishing the story about fraud the American media are ignoring.

We need voter ID to ensure one person, one vote.

Then we need to fix the problem of vote flipping. Seems that when people vote for one candidate the electronic screen selects the other. It is claimed that this is an error on the part of the user or a calibration problem BUT there has been no report of a Democrat vote flipping to a Republican candidate. It is only happening the other way around.

If this were truly an error then statistically both parties would be affected. When it only happens one way the issue is deliberate.

We need voter ID and then we need to fix the vote flipping.

Seems to me that paper ballots work fine (assuming we can maintain a strict chain of custody and have proper oversight of their processing through the counting machine). I know, hanging chads but if someone is too stupid to figure out a punch ballot what chance do they have with a touch screen?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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