We Need To Kill Every Radical Muslim

I do not give a rat’s ass if that title offends anyone. If it does you can go screw yourself. Anyone who reads this site regularly knows that I refrain from vulgarities and only use a bit of colorful language but today I read an entry that described what was done to our servicemen who were murdered by the terrorists:

Two US Soldiers were captured in Iraq. They were tortured and killed in the most inhumane abuse of human beings that I can recall in recent history. These men were beaten, their arms contorted, their testicles cut off, their penises cut off and stuffed in their mouths, their eyes gouged out, their hearts cut out and were beheaded. If reading that shocks or disgust you let me take this opportunity to say that I’m glad to offend. Woody’s News and Views

I am now formally stating that I do not care what happens to the prisoners at Gitmo. We should line them up and shoot every one of them, one at a time and no first shot should be fatal. We should go house to house in Iraq and kill any Muslim who has a weapon. We need to bomb the living hell out of every area where terrorists are known to hang out. I do not care how many innocent civilians are killed because they are obviously allowing the terrorists to be there. If they die for it then that is their problem.

I think every US military person who is charged with a crime should have the charges dropped. I think every person in jail for Abu Ghraib should get a Presidential pardon and a medal. Our soldiers should have orders to shoot and KILL everything that walks in areas where people do not belong. They need to kill every living thing that so much as passes gas in their direction. These bastards have brutally murdered our brothers and we need to exact vengeance on them.

I do not care if the left or the peace activists or that lazy jerk bastard John Murtha likes it or not. If he wants, we can fly his cut and run ass to Iraq and put him in the hot zone so he can have the above done to him. This enemy does not follow the rules of war. They are a cancer that rots the fabric of the world and we need to eliminate that cancer. We need to send every single Muslim extremist to meet Allah and we need to do it now. We need to make a statement by killing as many as we can. We do not need to capture any of them ever again we just need to kill them.

To my brothers and sisters in arms. Take what happened to heart. You can not allow yourself to be captured. Shoot until you have no more ammo and then fix your bayonet and charge. You must kill them or die trying because they will do this very same thing to you. The rules have now changed and you need to KILL everything that is a threat. May God be with you.

To you bastards in the press. Where are the stories? Where is your outrage? Why are you so quick to point out the so called atrocities that Americans commit and reluctant to point out the brutality of the enemy? Is it because you are a bunch of America hating liberal weenies who are happy that this happened? BTW MSM, this post is what outrage looks like.

This Dog knows there are people who are happy about this. God help any one who exhibits that joy around the Dog because they will suddenly have the worst day of their lives.

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7 Responses to “We Need To Kill Every Radical Muslim”

  1. Rowane says:

    I’m with you, Dog. The stinking filth should be drowned in pig shit.

    Duty, Honor, Country
    (in THAT order)

  2. T J says:

    just one nuke

  3. Americans Need to be Outraged…

    Two American Soldiers were brutally tortured, and murdered. Where’s the Outrage? Here, and here, for starters. ( Bless you BOTH!! ) Oh, and here, too! ;-D ( Morning- 6/22- PLEASE see the end of this essay for an IMPORTANT update…

  4. Viciously and brilliantly said – and it’s only if we take that stance that we will survive this War.

    This war against terrorism is a very LONG war, and we won’t see an end to it any time soon – unless we give up. The ramifications of that are unthinkable – it cannot be an option. We face an enemy that is implacable, and has fomented his hatred for tens of generations. The religious fervor of our enemy makes them unreasonable and non-negotiable. They do not fear death, they embrace it. They do not fear world wide public opinion, they scorn it.

    I finished reading the most exhaustive and horrific account of the terrorist siege in Beslan, Russia in September 2004. Approximately, 1200 people were taken hostage. The men and older middle school boys (my son’s age) were executed immediately. Toddlers were beaten for fun and little girls were raped to death. Nursing mothers and middle aged teachers were raped repeatedly on the floors in the midst of hundreds of terrified and sobbing children. The heat created an oven of the gym they were suffocating in, yet they were allowed no water and no food. They resorted to drinking their urine for hydration and pouring urine over their skin for moistness. On day 3, several bombs prematurely exploded amidst the hostages and forced the Russian Special Forces to assault the school as the terrorists went berserk. It took more than 11 hours of heavy sustained combat to defeat the terrorists. In the end, 338 people were dead (including 172 children) and over 700 were wounded. A handful escaped unscathed but for the psychological scars they’ll never recover from. It was the most depraved cruelty our generations have seen. All in the name of Pisslam.

    And it will happen here in America. It’s not a matter of “if”, but “when”. Such is the nature of the enemy we face. Such is the new reality America must live.

    Nonetheless, I am not depressed nor hopeless. I want to engage in this fight, and preserve our nation, and our way of life. To that end, I am prepared. The majority of our nation is not.

    The book Terror at Beslan: A Russian Tragedy with Lessons for America’s Schools is the absolute MUST-READ of the year. The author is one of the foremost couter-terrorism experts in the world. Quite specifically, when he studied Beslan, the Russian special forces and terrorism experts told him, “Act or wait to die are your only real choices.”

    I choose to act. As heartbroken as I am for those two soldiers, and as furious as I am about how they suffered before they died, I am NOT surprised. We face an implacable and heartless enemy – and we are at war for now and into the foreseeable future. Nothing a politician can say or do can change the course of this clash of civilizations – he/she, at best, can only position us for maximum advantage (or disadvantage, in the case of Murtha and his ilk). Having our troops fight terrorists in Iraq – in every way possible drawing the terrorists of the world into our guns is infinitely better than fighting this unceasing war in our streets. But it will come – horrific, grisly attacks WILL happen here on our soil, “When it comes here, it will be terrible, and it will be happening to us. We must be ready, mentally as well as tactically. The Israelis live with this reality every day. We must put aside our naive American expectations and unrealistic hopes of a happy or peaceful resolution.”

    All of this to say that we are in this for the long haul. The sooner we wrap our brains around it, the better. There is much to do to prepare, and there is much to do to support those who are already fighting the fight against Islam.

  5. Joyce A says:

    I agree 100%. Don’t stop talking until someone hears you.


  6. J-Dog says:

    My greatest pleasure in life would be to take a blow torch to the genitals of the individuals resposnsible for these tortures. I am sure that our soldiers overseas are going to get them back.

  7. Joyce Ann says:

    I agree, I have had it with these lowly savage beasts!