We Need Allen West In Congress

Or better yet, the White House

Lieutenant Colonel Allen West US Army retired is the kind of leader this country needs.

LTC West exhibits the love of country, patriotism and leadership that Obama will never have, know, or understand.

This is my kind of leader. He leads from the front and keeps his word.

Yes sir, we took that oath, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and Domestic.

Bayonet fixed and awaiting the order to charge.*

*To the liberals, this is a metaphor indicating fighting back. We have no actual bayonets fixed and ready (though we can if needed). We will do our damage in the voting booth. I wanted to clear that up so Nancy Pelosi does not have another spilled Harvey Milk moment and so the liberals will not wet themselves worried about right wing attackers. Remember, the only violence during this year’s events was started by liberals and other Obama supporters.

Big Dog

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38 Responses to “We Need Allen West In Congress”

  1. Adam says:

    It will be interesting to see how this one goes in the coming months. The GOP would be better off to build their message around folks like Allen West instead of folks like Sarah Palin.

    • Big Dog says:

      There is nothing wrong with the message Palin delivers. you should read her book and see the things that were blown out of proportion in their proper context. You don’t have to like her or her message but you should give her the benefit of hearing all of it and not the caricature painted by the Obama media.

      • Adam says:

        Read her book? I thought you were my friend. Why would you try and torture a friend?

        • Big Dog says:

          I think you would be surprised. She is more bipartisan than you think when she governs and the book is a good read.

          But if you would rather, I could waterboard you instead…

          If you don’t want money to go to her then check it out of the library. If you don’t like it you can take it back without finishing it and you woun’t be out any money.

        • Adam says:

          I thought waterboarding isn’t torture.

        • Blake says:

          It is not- it is recreation- at least, it is soothing to us, when we do it to you.
          Come on- give it a try.

    • clark stanton says:

      well if u have any knowledge about politics then u would know that the message that this great man,allen west delivers is the same basic conservative message that sarah palin brings.she will be the next president.the american people havent seen the real sarah palin yet and she is a fighter with guts that obama dumb ass has never encountered before and she wont be bogged down with no more of john mccains dumb ass which is only better than obama but that aint saying alot.hell obamas stupid ass cant even run the cambridge mass police dept,but he thought he knew all about it didnt he?screw barack obama and ALL the liberalsd in washington,they are elected bu people who have no sense of personnal dependence nut rather a dependece on the big federal goverment,pitiful is a person who is incapable of being the master of thier own destiny,but would rather depend on the apparatus of big goverment and the collective welfare state a bunch of dependent candy asses.yes i thoink thois man allen west has a bright future,surely hope he is the next congressman fron district 22 in florida

  2. Big Dog says:

    I did not say it was. That is why I offered it to you.

    It seems to me that you would rather be water boarded than read the book so i can help out with that.

    Of course, once it is over you might want to read the book….

    • Adam says:

      I might read parts of it when I’m browsing current affairs in B&N or something but I’m afraid I’d vomit before I got through the first chapter and then I’d be forced to buy it.

  3. Big Dog says:

    Then you should at least appreciate that they shoot their own food (or catch it in fishing nets) and use all of the animal.

    See, you do like something about her.

    And I know you are just jealous that no lib women look that good (except maybe your wife).

    • Adam says:

      I don’t hate everything about Sarah Palin but I do think she’s bad for your side. That’s why I hope she runs and I hope she wins the nomination.

      I want a repeat of Clinton vs. Dole to watch Republicans fall apart again. Clinton vs. Dole was probably the first election I really remember rooting for anybody in but it would be 4 or 5 more years before I even thought much more about it.

      What were you up to during that election?

      • Big Dog says:

        If Palin ran and beat Obama you guys would all jump off a cliff.

        I was serving in the military, working as a volunteer firefighter/EMT and working on an oncology unit in a hospital. Evil Conservative that I am I was contributing to my community and earning a wage…

        I was also wondering why the hell they nominated Dole and realizing that this was the only way Clinton could get reelected.

        • Adam says:

          I don’t think I’d jump off a cliff. I might get pretty drunk though.

        • Darrel says:

          Bigd: “If Palin ran and beat Obama you guys would all jump off a cliff.”>>

          No, I would just assume someone had slipped some acid into my coffee and I would wait for the trip to pass.

          It should be a basic intellectual litmus test that a person be able to see that Palin is not remotely politically viable at the national level. She hurt McCain, even with republicans, never mind independents. Her highest position of elected office and political power was governor (good job!) and she ran away from that, being a political coward unable to lead a state with a population of North West Arkansas. If she were to have a debate with Obama it would be like watching a professor trying to help a special needs student. His only worry would be in people feeling sorry for her. As republican apologist David Brooks put it, “she is a joke.” She is a joke that Demo’s get and even many republican get. For some reason, there are some ideologues that just don’t get the joke, just as they are too stupid to know that Colbert is making fun of them. And that’s pretty funny in itself.


  4. victoria says:

    Adam, All you can do is talk about losing your lunch and being tortured but you can’t come up with anything about Sarah that is real. And she is not bad for our side even if she wins the nomination. The reason all libs hate her is because she has a lot of support. It wasn’t by accident that she brought life to McCain’s campaign. She was the only thing good about McCain’s campaign.

    • Adam says:

      Yes, she does have strong support. I say let her run, let her win the nomination, and watch as the GOP goes down in flames again.

      • victoria says:

        Sarahs message was pretty much what this fellow here says too and it resonates with everyone who loves this country. The only reason Obama won is because McCain was too wimpy to say these things and to call the O out on his associations and his voting record. Sarah did it somewhat but she was reigned in and told not to talk about those things. It resulted in a watered down campaign on their part. But if the Republicans chose someone like this guy in the election instead of some squishy RINO then you just hide and watch the slaughter.

        • Adam says:

          If Sarah Palin thinks she should have been able to get up on a national platform and not reign in her language and just shoot from the hip then she would have been in for a big surprise. If a politician running for president got up and talked about a class war between a producing class and a entitlement class (read hard workers versus lazy people) like the Lieutenant Colonel did in that video then you would see a Reagan style 49 state victory against that person.

    • Darrel says:

      VIC: “you can’t come up with anything about Sarah that is real.”>>

      Lots of blatant dishonesty and foolishness from Palin right here, that is very real.

      Unlimited Sarah Palin Roast.

      Q: One of the things you talked about last night was the flexibility the vice president has–

      PALIN: Yeah.

      Q: –Uh. What did you mean by that?

      PALIN: “Uh. That thankfully our founders were wise enough to say we have this position and it’s constitutional — vice president will be able to be not only the position flexible, but it’s gonna be those other duties as assigned by the president. A simple thing.”

  5. victoria says:

    You think the Democrats are not causing class warfare? Think again.

  6. victoria says:

    Besides, I think everyone is pretty sick and tired of politicians pussy footing around and twisting themselves into pretzels not to say the truth because, O dear someone might be offended. I know I am and I am also sick and tired of Republicans who are afraid some Democrat might call them a racist or nazi or some other name because of what they say. The Democrats have bullied long enough with their tactics and people now see it very clearly and have had enough and as far as I am concerned even if it is an independant who can kick the Democrats butt, he he or she has my vote.

    • Adam says:

      We have candidates that speak their mind every election cycle. They’re names are Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, and Ron Paul. They get nowhere and there is no indication that this will change any time soon. Winning a national campaign takes a special blend of grass roots, financing, and message control. I dare Sarah Palin to try to win a national campaign by not “pussy footing around.”

      Each party has their methods for putting down the other side. If you think it’s bad when a Democrat calls a Republican a racist how about when a Republican calls a Democrat a traitor? My experience with you on this site shows you believe in those tactics when it’s the GOP doing it so I don’t see why you’re so offended by the other side.

      • victoria says:

        Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, and Ron Paul Puuuulease!!!!!!They get no where because they are three nutcases. And if you want to sell out this country to socialism then you are a traitor to this country and everything it has ever stood for.

  7. victoria says:

    This is an excerpt from and article on hotair today and another reason why I am sick of this–“President Obama has given no sense that he views the campaigns in Afghanistan or Iraq as righteous battles against dangerous enemies. It would be difficult for him to do so, since he spends so much time whining about inheriting the mess from his predecessor. It would have been hard for Harry Truman to have maintained American morale through victory in World War II, if he’d treated the war as a rotten mess dropped in his lap by an inconsiderate Franklin Roosevelt. An American president should take extraordinary efforts to reinforce the morale of civilians wearied by a “long” conflict the enemy is still eager to fight. Treating the War on Terror like a lousy headcold Obama caught because Bush forgot to disinfect the Oval Office telephones is a deadly mistake.”

    But it is precisely why even I a conservative say bring the troops home because this president has no will to win.

  8. Schatzee says:

    WOW – I heard LTC West in an interview once but he is even more compelling in person. This is an incredible speech – by far one of the best I’ve even seen from a politician of any sort. I like his honesty and his delivery – you are so right. This is the kind of man that should be leading our country. Very impressive.

  9. victoria says:

    Adam—“In short, the wish for socialism is a wish for unparalleled human evil. If we really understood this, no one would express casual support for it in polite company. It would be like saying, you know, there is really something to be said for malaria and typhoid and dropping atom bombs on millions of innocents.”
    Everything You Love You Owe to Capitalism
    Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. – Mises Institute

  10. Big Dog says:

    A political coward. But that never stopped anyone from voting for Obama who is a coward. PRESENT votes are for cowards, period. He did not want to take a stance. He has NO leadership experience and is a hack. He made it into office on two things, the weariness caused by Bush and his color. He is the affirmative action resident.

    If he had been white Hillary would be president, end of story. Many blacks voted for him ONLY because he is black (more than usually vote for dems) and more came out to vote than usual because he is black.

    He lacks any qualification.

    Palin is as educated, she just went to several schools that are not in the elitist list and it took her longer because she had to take time off to earn money to go unlike Barry the affirmative action student who got an education paid for because he is black.

    Palin kicked Biden’a a$$ in their debate and she would make Obama look stupid. He is not as smart as you all think. No one can prove how well he did in school because his academic records are hidden away.

    You hate Palin because she is a strong woman who is able to lead, unlike many of the men on your side. You hate her because she is what America is supposed to be not what you want it to be.

    She did not hurt McCain, McCain hurt McCain.

    But even if Obama were smarter than Palin, I will take a patriot over a person who hates the country and is subverting the Constitution any day.

    Screw Obama and all those who support him. He is crashing and burning and it is fun to watch.

    • victoria says:


    • Darrel says:

      Bigd: “Many blacks voted for him ONLY because he is black”>>

      People like to vote for their own. How is this different from you voting for dummies?

      Bigd: “No one can prove how well he did in school because his academic records are hidden away.”>>

      As you have been informed before… Obama graduated from Harvard Law School, magna cum laude, which means he was in the top 20% of his class. (McCain graduated 894 out of 899 from the Naval Academy. Which means he was in the bottom .4% of his class)

      Bigd: “You hate Palin because…”>>

      I think Palin is hilarious. She is the end result of a successful republican quest to find someone who sounds even more stupid than GW Bush. Make her your leader, please.

      Bigd: “She did not hurt McCain”>>

      Of course she did. As I told you (about) July 20:

      Here is the effect she had on the GOP ticket:

      More likely to support: 16%
      Less likely: 32%
      No diff: 50%

      All voters:
      More likely to support: 18%
      Less likely to support: 24%
      No difference: 56%

      “…her selection only had a net positive effect on support for the Republican ticket among white evangelicals, with a net negative effect among white Catholics and Independents…”


      Is this someone to fear? Nope. She has zero national level potential other than as a mouth piece for the gullible.

      Sarah Palin poses as an opponent of congressionally mandated earmarks, but when the slop was in the bucket, she was one of the biggest pigs. No wait, she was THE BIGGEST PIG:

      The Seattle Times reported yesterday that she submitted 31 earmark requests totaling $197 million in the current (FY2009) budget cycle. According to that paper, it was “more, per person, than any other state.”


      • Big Dog says:

        So now I am a dummy? I have a degree in medicine and am dumb.

        Let me give you a Darrel. You would do better to make your case rather than throwing personal insults.

        Not that I actually care, but it seems odd given what you have written in the past.

        Show me the records.

        If I have to show my birth certificate to get a job and my education records for my license then he needs to do the same.

        Pick on Palin if you wish, you are afraid of her. She could kick your butt and survive about any hardship while you sucked your thumb.