We Give Them A Place To Prey

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Recently, we have had a rash of stories about some sexual predator who abducts a child (often a girl) and commits murder after sexually assaulting the victim. Two recent cases involve a young girl named Jessica Lunsford from Florida and a girl named Jetseta Marrie Gage from Iowa.

Jessica was abducted and killed by a convicted sex offender named John E. Couey. The medical examiner said that Jessica was sexually assaulted and died of asphyxiation. This man was already convicted of a sex crime involving children and he was allowed out on the streets.

Jetseta was abducted from her home. At this time it is only a suspicion but the authorities have in custody a man named Roger P. Bentley who is a registered sex offender. There was an amber alert issued when Jetseta went missing. Authorities have found a body of a young girl and are awaiting autopsy results to determine her identity. One ominous sign, they cancelled the amber alert.

These are just two recent stories of children who have been abducted and subsequently murdered by animals who have a history of sexually assaulting children. These perverts are suppose to register with the local police in their community and from all signs, at least one of them did. Yet, no one knew about this because they did not look it up in the on-line registry. Who can blame them? How many people actually look up new acquaintances on the internet to see if they are registered sex offenders?

Why is it that these animals are back on the street? As a society we tend to protect our children. This is a natural thing and we look down upon parents who do not appear to care to look out for their children. The court system makes it harder on us by allowing these slime balls to live in our communities. If the government was serious about this problem perhaps there would be a national registry that offenders were placed on before their release. Then when they move into a neighborhood the local police would mail out a letter telling everyone who moved in.

Better yet, why do we not make it a law that if you are convicted of sex offenses against children you get life in prison? If you murder a child like in the above cases you get the death penalty. There are some who might think this is a bit harsh but who in their right mind wants to have perverts out among our children? This world is a tough enough place to raise children without having to worry about sex offenders released into the neighborhood in search of fresh prey.

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4 Responses to “We Give Them A Place To Prey”

  1. Adam says:

    I want to say because not every person convicted of sex offenses is a real sex offender, and not every sex offender repeats his or her crime. I understand how scary it is to put these people back on the streets, but as a society we have to consider both sides. It’s a hard choice.

    It’s the same way with the death penalty. Can we honestly continue to kill people convicted under a faulty law system or in the case of abuse give out life sentences for false accusations?

    I have no disrespect for those victims of murder of sexual assault, but as a society we need to think about these things.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Ask the parents of these latest victims how they think society should handle this. Do we err in favor of a criminal who might kill our children?
    If there is any doubt they need to be in jail for life. If new evidence shows they did not do it then they can be released. If they kill a child then they need to get the death penalty. There are faults with the judicial system but remember, more criminals get set free than free people imprisioned.

  3. Schatz says:

    Pedophilia is a sexual preference (just like being hetero or homosexual). Therefore, these people cannot be “cured.” They are always going to be a danger to our children. There is a registry for Maryland and the site is http://www2.dpscs.state.md.us/onlineservs/sor/. This often has pictures of the offender as well as his or her work/home address and a brief description of their offenses. Although not all sexual offenders are pedophiles, most are dangerous and the recidivism rate for these types of offenses are quite high.

    I must acknowledge that Adam’s statements are correct that not all persons convicted of a sex crime is a sexual offender and not all repeat their crimes, in my opinion we need to err on the side of caution of our women and children’s safety (I am only excluding men as they are the least likely to be a victim of such offenses but they too deserve protection) rather than protecting a criminal’s privacy.

  4. Frank says:

    I am a grown man. I don’t get all teary eyed very easily; but as I found out today the manner in which Jessica Lunsford was killed–buried alive, holding her stuffed dolphin after being molested God knows how many times by that waste of genetic material, I started crying. I felt a void open up inside me and said a prayer..a plea to God to please take special care of Jessica. You see, I have a new daughter of my own. She is a year old. We as humans have the capacity to place ourselves in other’s situations- empathy. I can’t, literally cannot try to feel what her father is going through.
    A law that isn’t as soft as the proposed one needs to be put in place. Something that will let every person in an area in which a sex offender moves into, know 1) who the person is (photo included). 2) their address. 3) where they work. This would be in addition to the mandatory 25 yrs and lifetime tracking. I am guessing that some sissy of a liberal would make a plea for the civil rights of sex offenders being violated, but how about the dead victims…their horror, and not to mention the lifetime of guilt and grief the families will feel.
    I feel sick about this, and I know I will have nightmares about possible scenarios that could play out with the people I love, but I had to find a way to vent my absolute loss of faith in humanity.