We Don’t Exploit Our Dead, We Honor Them

As everyone knows by now, the death toll in the war on terror has surpassed 1000 with regard to members of the military. We were well over 1000 dead on 9-11, but of course that goes unreported. Now we see that several newspapers have printed thumbnail pictures of all the service members killed in the Global War on Terror (GWOT). This is an election year and the stakes are high. The race is tight and the nation is divided. So what does the media wing of the democratic party do? They publish the pictures of our war dead. Now I know that there are many who would look at this as an honor paid to our troops. I would agree if the pictures were posted as they died. It is obvious to me that the media wing is trying to sway public opinion against the war and the president. They are shamelessly exploiting the heroes of this war to push a political agenda. There was so much outcry when George Bush used pictures of the aftermath of 9-11 early in the campaign. This was viewed as exploitive. Where are those same people now? Why are they not decrying the media’s obvious attempt to use our gallant service members who have paid the ultimate price and their families who have sacrificed so much in this war?
This is a blatant attempt to place dead service members in the consciousness of Americans and edge them toward voting for John Kerry. I think this is so vile it is beyond contempt. You do not see the pictures of the greater than 3000 people who were killed on 9-11 plastered all over the papers, now do you? And why? Because this would be viewed, and rightly so, as crass and contemptible.
I am glad that the right has taken the high road and avoided bringing pain to those who have suffered the most.
Isn’t it amazing? Over 30 years ago John Kerry disgraced our service members upon his return from Vietnam (he was there, in case you haven’t heard). Now, the media wing of the democratic party is doing the same thing hero John did, using our troops to further a political agenda.
May the souls of the men and women who have paid such a high price in this war rest in peace. I know they sit at the right hand of the Father and he is pleased with their work.

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