We Definitely Need Campaign Reform

I know that all presidents have done it and I have never liked it so this is not a partisan position but will seem so because Obama happens to be the one abusing things right now. That thing that bothers me is where a president combines an allegedly official visit with a campaign visit so that the taxpayer gets stuck with a portion of the bill.

I am not the only one who thinks this is wrong as Democrats were all against it when George W. Bush did it and Republicans are against it now that Obama is doing it. The difference is, my position does not change based on who is in office.

It is absolutely criminal that taxpayers foot the bill for a portion of a trip designed to raise campaign cash simply because an “official” stop was included.

Since Barack Obama happens to be the current occupant of the White House and since he has campaigned more than the last six presidents combined, it seems fitting to point this rape of the taxpayer out.

Obama attended a swanky fundraiser in New York (and snarled traffic) where he raised millions of dollars. One would think that a campaign that can raise millions of dollars would be able to pay the bill for the trip but part of the bill will be paid for by taxpayers because Obama stopped at the World Trade Center site.

There is no doubt that if Obama did not have two fundraisers in New York he would not have made the trip to the WTC site.

I think that all politicians should be forced to separate fundraising trips and official trips so that they cannot be done at the same time. They need to pay the full cost of their campaign events.

This means all politicians, regardless of party.

It is sickening that taxpayers foot the bill for politicians who rub elbows with wealthy donors. How disingenuous is it for Barack Obama to go to New York and discuss how he is fighting for the middle class at an event that costs more to attend than most people in the middle class make in a year? How many of the middle class were greatly inconvenienced so Obama could attend this fundraiser?

Obama is out of touch. He thinks the private sector is doing fine because the private sector he knows is the one where his well heeled contributors live and where he parties.

The country is not better off now than it was when he took office and his policies have done nothing to get the ship on course. Instead, he points fingers, lies, and spends other people’s money.

This is why it should surprise no one that he is spending taxpayer dollars to campaign.

They all do it because they all like to spend someone else’s money.

Hell, he is so used to spending other people’s money he recently forgot to pay for his meal…

Enough is enough.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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