We Brought American Politics To Them

It looks like we really have had an influence on the Iraqis. We brought them democracy and we gave them free elections. Now they have become just like us. Seems there is a question of an unusually high number of yes votes and there are more votes than people in some areas. It seems the ballot box stuffing Democrats from America made their way to Iraq and taught those folks how to run an election.

Word of the review came as Sunni Arab leaders repeated accusations of fraud after initial reports from the provinces suggested the constitution had passed. Among the Sunni allegations are that police took ballot boxes from heavily “no” districts, and that some “yes” areas had more votes than registered voters.

I guess though, they were better off when they had elections prior to our liberating them. They were so honest and forthright. Hussein won every election with 98% of the votes. Now there is a man that knows how to run. Of course, if he had any competition it did not last (or live long) and they never will account for the 2% who did not vote for him.

Read about it here.

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