We Are Always A Nazi

Whenever the left gets upset the first thing they do is call the person they are mad at a Nazi. This is what Adam did in a comment about me and in a new post at his website. He pulled a Michael Moore and misrepresented himself and then he got offended. Now he is saying that yours truly is unable to read or comprehend. This is a guy whose extensive vocabulary skills extend to the F word as every other utterance.

This is a guy who finds it necessary for the government to provide his education. I on the other hand attended private school and happen to be published and have written several technical publications. I only point that out to give Adam a basis from which to work next time. Even without this information I am not a Nazi. This is out of the democrat play book. Durbin and the rest of the idiots, including Adam, use Nazi to brand people as a part of a group that tried to eradicate the Jewish population and take over the World.

This coupled with the intelligent use of the F word shows they are not ready for public debate and discourse. Unfortunately, they are allowed to make those accusations and they only do it to detract away from their argument because they can not defend their positions.

Read the posts and the comments. They will be filled with the F bomb and lots of Nazi calling. You will be hard pressed to find any substance.

Adam is concerned about me and wants me to start with Dick and Jane and work up. That is nice of him but I read that book before he ever made the journey through the seminal vesicles. I guess the tragedy is that the best part of him never made it to the intended spot.

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10 Responses to “We Are Always A Nazi”

  1. Soup says:

    The “holier than thou” attitude won’t get you anywhere. It’s not about making a point, you insulted him, intentionally.

  2. Big Dog says:

    You should take some time to read all the comments. I have been called many names by him or by people he has allowed to at his site. That is all well and good but it could go the other way and he will have to live with it.

    And anyone who burns a flag is a degenerate.

    And to make it clear, it is one thing to insult someone or call them a name. One like Nazi has implications that are not well intended. Suppose it were racist, pedophile, or sexist? All are bad things and not germane to any argument.

  3. Adam says:

    Nein! You crack me up. You have no case. You called me names over something dumb. I called you a Nazi as a joke and you look at it as something the left always does? You can call it Democratic play book or some dumb generalization like that. That’s okay. Try not to work so hard making me laugh, though.

    Just because I use the F word you question my vocabulary? I say fu*k that. Ooops. Theres me goes agin!!!11

    Anyway, it’s becoming clear to me that you can’t read. Frankly I’ve just had enough of you misreading me and blowing up about it. Nothing you say can be trusted. You can call me names, make all the rude statements about me that you want. You resort to that every time you forget how to read. It doesn’t change the fact that you are wrong.

    You are dumb on this one. Any time somebody says anything about the flag you lose it and start to make stupid statements. When going back it becomes clear that you are always the first and last to call names.

    It’s a good show of ego to think that things I post at my site are made to insult you or the flag, but this one was posted just because the photo touched me. Thanks though for going and turning that into another stupid argument. File this under M, for moronic.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Was there a point in there counselor?

  5. Big Dog says:

    As I see it, you made an assertion that was untrue. I pointed that out. In any event, the fact is that the symbolism is stronger than your attempt to justify what I and many others view as vile. It is an old lady that is being protected by that symbol and there is no desecration going on.

    Now you can make all the arguments you want about what is legal and what is not but burning a Flag is desecration whether it is legal or not. So my argument that there was no desecration and in fact, it was symbolic of the nation is accurate.

    The fact is underwear, shirts, shoes and yes even blankets that have the image of the Flag are NOT flags. Therein lies the difference.

    I file this under W for waste of time.

    Though I will say that your utterance of “you f’ing Nazi” was not a joke by any stretch of the imagination. It has become far too common place for many on the left to call people that and refer to Bush as Hitler. That is plain wrong. I don’t see how that can be considered a misquote. There are many names you can call me that might actually fit. That one is not one of them and it was intended to portray me in a very unfavorable light just as those who called our soldiers that and those who refer to our President are attempting to do.

  6. Big Dog says:

    Here is why these guys are always off target. This is a comment from Daniel, a visitor to Adam’s site:
    “As if anyone didn’t know that it was a blanket with the flag on it. Check out the huge hem on the side. What would it matter even if it was a real American flag? Would it be desecration to use the flag as a blanket? If I was stranded somewhere and all I had was a flag to wrap up in. I sure as hell would.

    Personally, I would rather Big Dog’s name not even appear on this site anymore. I say just ignore him.”

    The obvious intent is to show I had some problem with this flag/blanket wrapped around an old lady. Let us look at what I wrote in the post:
    “But even if we take for granted that it was a Flag the inference is still off target. The Flag was not being desecrated, it was not being burned and it was not being urinated on. The Flag was wrapped around one of our most vulnerable citizens and protecting her. When you think about it, is not that what the Flag is a symbol of, the protection of our way of life and the freedoms we have come to take for granted?

    This symbol of Freedom was wrapped around an elderly and frail person almost echoing those words from the Statue of Liberty, “Give me your tired…” Though this was a blanket and not a Flag it is obvious that the intent was not to desecrate or dishonor it. Unfortunately, there are those among us who are either unwilling or lack the ability to understand the difference.”

    The amazing thing is that I am accused of being unable to read. Perhaps if those folks actually read what I wrote they would understand it. If not, they could get someone to tutor them.

  7. Adam says:

    No, the amazing thing is you are taking all of this from a post that is just the title “Today It’s A Blanket” and an image of the woman.

    Yes, we have argued flag burning in the past. Yes I support flag burning. But no, there is no attempt to show desecration here. There is no attempt to argue what is legal or not. There is no attempt to mean anything secret. There is no attempt to offend anyone.

    Yet, here we are arguing over it. And I wonder who started this argument? Was it me? No, it was you, Mr. Big Dog, who is automatically offended when somebody mentions a flag that isn’t bowing down to it. That is why when you posted the first entry I said, “Uh, something like that.”

    It didn’t make sense. It was blown way out of what I wanted to say or do. Then you write back and say “IT IS A BLANKET or are you too dense to see that?” You called me a degenerate as well. That’s when I got totally cracked up at how dumb you were being. I write and entry called “Today It’s a Blanket” and you say “IT IS A BLANKET.” It doesn’t get any funnier than that if you ask me.

    So I made the mistake of calling you a “fu*king Nazi” because it was so funny. I guess you can call me dense and degenerate but I can’t call you a Nazi simply because when people say Nazi they think of all those big bad things. Excuse me.

    Now here we are again still arguing this because you just can’t let it go. Sure you’re published. You’ve done all those great things. How come you went and made something out of nothing, and then argued all hell just to be right and prove me wrong about an entry that is just a title and an image?

    Now you’ve taken Daniel’s comment to try and argue you are ultimately correct. Well, you’re not correct. I’m saying you’re wrong, and I’m saying you’re dumb. Just for you in the future I’ll only mention the American flag when I’m worshiping it. That should keep you plenty happy, you idiot.

  8. Big Dog says:

    Maybe I am not the one who needs to learn to read. No where in any of my posts did I say I was offended by the picture. I believe what I said is that it is a symbol of what the flag is supposed to represent. Read it all again and show me where I was upset at the picture. I believe I made it clear the intent of what your post meant and that it was erroneous to equate this with desecration. Now I now what I wrote and the excerpts above show that I thought it was great our flag (or a symbol of it) was protecting one of our weakest.

    Maybe in your zeal to attack me you failed to recognize that very, indisputable fact.

  9. Adam says:

    “The obvious intent is to show I had some problem with this flag/blanket wrapped around an old lady.”

    Not saying it offended you, just that you thought, and stated that the intent was to offend. My intent was far from this. I did say though that you are offended automatically it seems every time somebody mentions the flag. A better phrase would have been “go on the defense.”

  10. Adam says:

    Nah, above all the name calling and silliness I’m just trying to say that nothing was meant to offend. I just think you misunderstood my intent and rolled with it. I regret now saying “Uh…” and not explaining that you misunderstood my intent. Can’t go back on that now, but it sure did crack me up to see you yelling about it…