Wayne Gilchrest Usurps President’s Authority

I expect the Democrats to do stupid things. As I stated before, this is a group of people who cried that President Bush was encroaching upon their turf and involving himself in Legislative issues when they were in the minority. Now that they are the majority party they have decided to get involved in Executive Branch business. We have had Screecher of the House Bella Pelosi attempting to be the Secretary of State and thus screwing up diplomacy and making the US look like idiots and we now have the members of Congress trying to determine how the war should be run. They have passed a bill that sets out a timetable for troops withdraw. Basically, they have taken this function from the Commander in Chief and given it to themselves. The Constitution is clear in that the President is the Commander in Chief. As such, he sets the timetables and decides how a war is prosecuted. The Congress has specific authority with regard to regulating the law of the military and funding it.

As I stated, I expect Democrats to do this but when Republicans do it I am a bit upset. The Republicans are supposed to support the troops and setting timetables that allow the enemy to wait us out and declare victory is not support. Telling the enemy that the war is lost and that if they blow up more troops we will tuck tail and run is not a method that supports the troops, it is one that gets more of them killed. By agreeing with the latest bill, any member who voted yea is basically agreeing with Dingy Harry Reid that the war is lost and is providing aid and comfort to the enemy. Wayne Gilchrest is one such Republican.

He voted for a withdraw earlier and I wrote him about it. He sent me back a double talk letter that told me how he supports the troops and why he voted in favor of the enemy. He indicated that when he was in Vietnam he wondered every day when politicians were going to get him home. Perhaps if he had been fighting instead of crying like a coward about going home we could have won the war before the cut and run Democrats led by protester John Kerry and his bimbo buddy Jane Fonda were able to cut off funding for the troops and thereby snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Wayne Gilchrest is a coward who can not stand up for good Republican principles. He does not support the troops and he voted for a bill that not only makes life more dangerous for our them, it also usurps the President’s authority and spends MILLIONS of dollars on pork projects. This man is not fiscally responsible and should not be in office. The only reason he is there is because he ran unopposed and because most Republicans don’t stand a chance in Maryland. Gilchrest does well here because he is just like them.

I have no doubt in my military mind I could do his job much better than he does. Unfortunately, the way they have set things up I could never afford to run for the office, which is good news for you Wayne. Additionally, I am a bit too smart to be in Congress and I refuse to have the frontal lobotomy required to serve in that house of prostitution.

Shame on you Congressman. Shame on you for being a coward and not supporting our troops. I don’t know if you were worried that Pelosi might smack you or something but whatever the reason you lacked the testicular fortitude to do the right thing by our troops. I hope you enjoyed this little shot at trying to do the Executive branch’s job because this is as close as you will ever get to higher office.

If I have my say you will not survive the next election. When that time rolls around I will be actively working to get you beaten even if it means supporting a Democrat to take your place. At least with the Democrat I expect the stupidity. I also told you in my last letter, Mr. Gilchrest, that I would ensure that my social network did not support of vote for you. There are a couple hundred of my family and friends that will no longer vote for you no matter what. You better hope that you run unopposed in the primary and in the general election or you will be out of a job. Then maybe you will remember that you work for us, not the other way around.

I will be informing the Gathering of Eagles and Rolling Thunder about your betrayal of our troops. They should give you a nice reception next time you show your weaselly little face around a gathering of real veterans.


Big Dog

The Thunder Run

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