Wayne Gilchrest Must be Voted Out

Wayne Gilchrest is the Congressman who represents Maryland’s 1st Congressional District. Gilchrest is a Republican but he has been a disgrace to his party and to the voters of his district. I have documented Gilchrest’s poor voting record and the number of liberal issues that he agrees with. It is beyond me why this guy even runs as a Republican when he is pro choice, and is involved in things that are not conservative.

Recently, Wayne Gilchrest voted to override the President’s veto of the huge expansion of S-CHIP. Let us make that clear, the President vetoed a huge expansion of the program. His veto did not get rid of the program and there are still plenty of services out there for poor people. Wayne Gilchrest voted with Democrats to override this veto and in so doing indicated that he feels it is OK to spend taxpayer money on insurance for people who make 3 or 4 times the poverty level. This should surprise no one because Gilchrest is not a fiscally prudent. He spends like a drunken sailor on shore leave and he continues to waste taxpayer money. He even voted against stripping earmarks (PORK) from the FY 2008 Financial Services and General Government appropriations bill. To Wayne it is OK to spend our money with little or no regard to being prudent with how it is spent.

Andy Harris is running against Gilchrest in the Republican primary. I have been talking to family and friends in the 1st District and I believe I have a lot of people who are looking for change and are ready to dump Gilchrest and put Andy in Office. If you are in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District you need to take a look at Wayne Gilchrest’s voting record and you will rapidly see this is a record to run from, not on. Andy Harris is the future of our District and we need him to take Conservative leadership to DC and replace that milquetoast RINO Gilchrest.

I have a list of things to accomplish and on it is “send a letter to Wayne Gilchrest after his defeat.” I really want to check that one off after the Republican Primary. I hate to have to go to my fall back plan of voting for the Democrat in the General election but I absolutely will not vote for Gilchrest no matter what. All my readers in the 1st, please vote for Andy Harris.

Wayne, enjoy it now because you will soon be a lame duck.

Big Dog

**Big Dog receives no compensation from any political party or candidate.

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