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Recently, I posted about the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. I stated that if the Palestinians attacked after the concessions then Israel should wipe them out. I still feel this way though after reading a comment by Surfside I have decided that maybe Israel will be better off out of Gaza if it truly brings peace to the region. I actually doubt that it will because now there is a call for Israel to give up the West Bank. It will be one request after another and Israel will be expected to concede. Only time will tell and I hope it works out peacefully but I also hope Israel stands firm in defending its people. This is an excellent editorial from the Washington Times:

“In the wake of the poignant images from Gaza, where the Israeli withdrawal is nearly complete, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is under intensified fire from two sets of critics: 1) those on the Israeli right who cannot understand why he would withdraw from the territory, given the lack of a serious Palestinian peace partner; and 2) the usual suspects, most of them on the left, who see every unreciprocated Israeli concession to the Palestinians as insufficient. For example, The New York Times editorialized that the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza can only be the beginning, and that Mr. Sharon must give up the West Bank next. It would be difficult to find an argument more disconnected from reality; anyone who thinks that more Israeli concessions comprise the magic way to peace should look carefully at the experience of the past 12 years… We agree with Mr. Sharon’s argument that the defense resources spent on protecting outlying Gaza settlements could be better allocated to protect the country against terrorism. Israel should adopt a policy of relentless and massive deterrence, guaranteeing that Gaza-based terrorists will be hit very hard every time they fire rockets into Israel. For such a deterrence policy to work, it is essential that Washington support Israel when it defends itself against terror.” —The Washington Times

Though I hope it works out I think we have an indication of how neighborly Palestine will be. They started working on the airport in Gaza so they can resume flights. They named it Yassir Arafat Airport. Yeah, they want peace.

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