Washington State, the Seat of Corruption or New Ukraine?

The race for Washington State Governor has been going through Floridaesque recounts for nearly two months. The republican candidate won the original vote and the machine recount. The democrat won the hand recount. But wait, there’s more.

Washington law states that only votes cast during the original election are to be recounted. Amazingly, the democrats “found” a bunch of ballots that were not counted for one reason or another. They were either ruled invalid or there was an error on them. Some of them might not have been counted by mistake and some of them might not have existed until after the election. In any case, they should not be a part of the recount because they were not part of the original vote.

That is, until a judge ruled that those ballots may be counted as part of the recount. The judge rewrote Washington State law from the bench. This should not surprise anyone who reads the various conservative sites because we have been pointing out activist judges who are doing the same thing around the country. Be that as it may, as soon as the mysterious ballots were allowed the democrat went ahead. She has faith in the process. Of course, her idea of the process is to keep counting and adding ballots until she gets the outcome she desires. The democrat’s position is that an election is only fair when they win, no matter how they do it.

The republican party is looking at options. As well they should. Despite the donks requests for concession the republicans need to fight to have this newly enacted “judge” law enforced across the board. The GOP needs to find all the rejected republican ballots and have them counted. It is unfortunate that we would have to do this but we would only be following the law their judge established. I think it would be especially important to get all the denied military ballots. Democrats love to exclude the military because the military members vote mostly for republicans. Regardless of the donk’s chants of supporting our troops, they do not want our troops supported when they vote because it does not bode well for them and they know it.

I am sure the GOP can find enough ballots that were rejected under similar circumstances as the democrat ballots. They should be counted and then the winner declared. When this happens listen carefully to the donks. You will hear them cry about counting ballots that are not legal. You will hear them cry foul. You will hear them go against exactly what they used to pull ahead. Their idea a a fair playing field is when they make the rules and only they benefit from them. I say screw them. Either discount the mystery ballots or count all others. They can not have it both ways.

It is amazing that the people like Mike Hersh, Lost Adam and Michael Moore are not out denouncing the donk’s actions in Washington where the actions are suspicious yet they are crying about the Ohio presidential elections where Bush won by more than 100k votes. Only in donk dream world can these two items exist and be viewed so differently.

I don’t live in Washington so from a personal stand point I don’t really give a rodent’s rear what happens. But as an American I worry about the way our society has declined with regard to the election process. If the democrat wins, will the donks view her as an illegitimate Governor. Probably not. Those accolades are only given to Republican Presidents who win all the counts and recounts….

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