Was Trump Right About Breaking The Law?

Donald Trump is apparently in hot water over a comment he made about a woman getting an abortion. Trump was asked if abortion were made illegal and a woman got one should she be punished under the law? Trump stated that if she broke the law by getting one she should be punished.

The media reported this as Trump saying women who get abortions should be punished.

This hypothetical question was designed to trip him up and it is obvious by the way it was reported that the media deliberately deceived people.

Trump was correct in his answer. If abortion were made illegal then anyone getting one or performing one would be in violation of the law and would be subject to punishment. For what its worth, Trump handled this question terribly and could have done a much better job considering the media and all liberals (and a lot of Republicans) are out to get him. For a guy who is supposed to be media savvy he blew this one.

The reality is that anyone who knowingly does something illegal has broken the law. People can argue if, in this scenario, she should get in trouble and that is for a court to decide. No matter what the outcome she broke the law and if found guilty should be punished.

If a drug dealer sells illegal drugs to a junkie they are both guilty of a crime. No one would argue that the buyer was a victim in this scenario…

The interviewer also asked Trump if the man who impregnated the woman should be punished and he said no. In most cases, getting someone pregnant is not against the law. But if the guy took her to get the abortion and was part of the process then I think he should be punished as well. The liberal media folks discussing this had a hard time grasping any of it and indicated that Trump had some kind of double standard when it came to punishing women and men.

Trump’s answer has nothing to do with abortion. It is simply a matter of the law. In the case of the interviewer however, this was about abortion and finding a way to trip up Trump.

I guess Trump just has more regard for the law than all those folks screaming about what he said (or what they were told he said). To those folks the woman did nothing wrong in obtaining an illegal abortion.

Sort of like how they all find nothing wrong with a woman running her own private email server and risking classified information, in violation of the law.

As an aside I saw an interview (it could have been excerpts of a speech) with Clinton and she was all over Trump for what he said, you know, women’s issues and all that. Keep in mind Trump never said he would make abortion illegal, just that if it were (part of the question) the woman should be punished if she got one. Given Hillary’s blatant law breaking and her flagrant disregard for the law it should not be surprising to learn she would not punish a lawbreaker.

I think Trump changed his opinion five times in the last day but that is neither here nor there. The damage by the media assassins has already been done.

They will continue until they can get rid of him and clear a path for their lawbreaker to win the presidency.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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