Was It Written In Crayon?

The habitually drunken idiot Senator from Massachusetts has a new book coming out and in it he bashes the Bush administration (woe, I didn’t see that coming). He talks about preemptive wars being necessary for imminent threats but calls Iraq a preventive war. This is strange because for several years Kennedy and his moonbat buddies have been telling us how terrible the Bush doctrine of preemption is. Ted also says that Bush should have been like his brothers Jack and Bobby:

In a forthcoming book, Senator Edward M. Kennedy invokes the leadership of his brothers during the Cuban missile crisis to launch a sharp new attack on President Bush, declaring that Bush should have followed the example of President John F. Kennedy and his attorney general, Robert F. Kennedy, in forging a diplomatic resolution to the standoff with Saddam Hussein.

The Massachusetts Democrat writes that his brothers were right to resist advice urging them to launch a preemptive strike on Fidel Castro when missiles aimed at the United States were discovered in Cuba in 1962. They correctly argued that ”a first strike was inconsistent with American values,” and would be a ”Pearl Harbor in reverse,” he writes.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was a fiasco that JFK bungled from the start and he was fortunate to make it through without starting World War III. His policy had little to do with any success we had and he was unsure about which decision to take. It is not like JFK jumped up and down and said no, that is wrong. He agonized over what to do because he did not know what would be the right things and he did not want to risk starting a war. He got lucky that things turned out the way they did.

Ted wants us to believe that because Bobby and Jack got lucky between taking turns with Marilyn Monroe that Bush should follow their example. Ted tried following their example by trying to have sex with a woman that was not his wife but he messed up the Kennedy tradition. Instead of the Kennedy dying, the woman did.

Kennedy also has ideas to make this country better:

Kennedy’s policy proposals will surprise few who follow liberal politics. He calls for a higher minimum wage, billions of dollars in new education spending, higher taxes on the wealthy, equal rights for gays and lesbians, and universal healthcare run through the federal government. Most of the policies, he writes, will ”pay for themselves” by boosting the nation’s productivity.

Anyone who thinks these things will make this a better country should have his head examined. Kennedy is not worried about the common man, he could care less about the environment and only wants others to make sacrifices for it, and he will spend a lot of tax money on programs that will breed future generations of people dependant upon the government for everything. Have we not learned from Katrina? When you make a class of people dependant upon the government they do not know how to care for themselves and always look to Uncle Sam to swoop in and bail them out. We do not need more people who are so attached to the government teat that they do not have sense enough to figure out how to leave imminent danger.

Big Dog

Source: Boston.com

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