Was Clinton Just Shooting From The Hip?

Yesterday Hillary Clinton pulled out the race card when she used the word plantation to describe the Congress under the rule of the Republicans. Many might try to dismiss this obvious racist remark by saying it was a spur of the moment or off the cuff remark. But this is what she said about Congress in a November 2004 interview:

CLINTON: Well, I mean, what can I say? It’s just so typical. I mean they’re running the House of Representatives like a fiefdom with Tom DeLay as, you know, in charge of the plantation.

So it can not be dismissed as off the cuff. She has used it before. Whenever Clinton wants to demonize the Republicans she pulls out that race card. For the party of inclusion they sure get away with a lot of racist remarks. The thing is, they are carefully calculated despite claims of a spur of the moment remark.


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