Warner’s Immigration Reform; No Bieber

Senator Mark Warner, Democrat Virginia, is seeking reelection so jumping on board the get rid of Bieber bus is perfect for him. A majority of the voting public is disenchanted with Bieber and his antics so much so that a petition calling for his deportation generated more than enough votes to require review by the White House.

In an interview Warner was asked about the petition and his response was to ask if there was someplace he could sign.

Now Bieber is a douche and is spiraling out of control and I couldn’t care less if he is deported. He is dangerous and could end up hurting someone with his behavior. But he is here legally and he makes money and pays taxes. That does not mean he should not go but if he is here legally making money and paying taxes why should he be deported when so many ILLEGAL aliens are here?

Their mere presence is a violation of the law and Warner is pushing for comprehensive immigration reform which will involve allowing those who are here illegally to stay.

Why should we allow them to stay here and suckle at the teat of welfare and at the same time deport a person who is contributing to the Treasury?

Bieber probably needs to go home to Canada and work out whatever demons he has. But those who are here illegally should not get a pass just because their crimes have not been as public as Bieber’s.

If Warner wants to throw himself into the process of deporting people perhaps he should start by deporting those who are here illegally.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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