Ward Churchill Might Get Little Eichman Jackboot

Ward Churchill. the outspoken idiot professor from the University of Colorado has been able to get away with quite a bit over the last few years. He lied about his Indian Heritage and he has made statements that are inflammatory, to say the least. Looks like Ward might lose his job after a review of his words and deeds. A panel has made recommendations ranging from suspension to termination.

Of course, his lawyer is threatening to take the university to court if they do not stop the “witch hunt.” Maybe they should realize that every action has consequences and if you tick off enough people you might lose a job. I figure they should be able to fire him for whatever reason they want. I am not overly familiar with Colorado or tenure but in most (non union) jobs you can quit for any reason and the boss can terminate you for any reason.

They should have dispensed with this BS a long time ago and just canned the jackass.

Source: Denver Post.com

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