“War Of The Words”

It would appear that Tom Cruise is now a doctor, or does he just play one on TV? Mr. Cruise has gone on an impossible mission while promoting his “religion” of Scientology. Of course, religion is about faith (belief in something that can not be proved or disproved) and science uses tool to prove and disprove things.

Mr. Cruise is in a bit of hot water because he said that Brooke Shields should not have taken medication for post partum depression. Cruise said that chemical imbalances that need to be medicated do not exist and that we can all do just fine by taking supplements and eating correctly.

Cruise criticized Shields for taking antidepressants, and became particularly passionate about the issue in an interview on “Today.” Cruise is a follower of Scientology, which teaches that psychiatry is a destructive pseudo-science.

Cruise said there was no such thing as chemical imbalances that need to be corrected with drugs, and that depression could be treated with exercise and vitamins. Shields has called that “a disservice to mothers everywhere.”

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Tom Cruise does not have a degree in medicine. I will also stick my neck out and make the claim that his “religion” is not a source used by the New England Journal of Medicine or as consultants to the American Medical Association. I am pretty sure that no matter what parts Cruise has played he does not have the smallest idea about the art of medicine. He has a job where he memorizes words other people write and he recites them when told to do so. It can’t be too difficult to do what one is told on cue because they teach animals to do it all the time. If Cruise ever wants to put my theory to the test I would be happy to play a part in one of his films. I am sure I can pretend well enough to convince people.

Cruise and all the other actors out there need to understand that we do not want them telling us how we should feel or behave. We want them to understand that they do not need to tell us what is good for our health, what we should do to help the environment, or how we should vote. We want them to act spoiled outside their trailers while shooting scenes where they recite lines others have written for them. Which I guess might be what Cruise is doing if he is spouting the Scientology line.

Shields was very upset at the remarks and responded to Mr. Cruise, who I think Shields could take. Now the Governor of New Jersey is chiming in to tell Cruise to stick to what he knows. Richard J. Codey, the acting governor, said that Cruise knows as much about post partum depression as he (Codey) knows about acting. Codey’s wife suffered from the problem and he knows just how real it is. I will admit that just because his wife had it does not make him an expert but he probably has more information than Cruise.

I will tell you that there are chemical imbalances in the body. Some of them can be treated with diet and certain supplements but others require medication. BTW, what is the difference between espousing medication for a condition and espousing supplements for a condition. Well, there is the obvious one. Medications are tested and approved by the FDA. The claims supplement manufacturers make are not evaluated by any credible organization.

I think Cruise should keep his mouth shut except when it is time for him to recite his lines. I think, given his recent goofy behavior, he has been dipping into supplements that are not approved by anyone.

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