Wanted: Senator, No Experience Necessary

It will be interesting to see the number of left wing lunatics who will rationalize Caroline Kennedy’s qualification to take the Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Clinton. Caroline Kennedy has no political experience other than she comes from a family full of people who have sponged off the government and have never worked real jobs in their lives. If they claim she learned by being there then it will contradict the argument that Hillary had gained no experience just by being the wife of the president. That is what the Obama campaign put out and what his supporters ran with (I happen to agree with that assessment).

There are a lot of folks who are really on board with the idea of Caroline Kennedy going to the Senate. They do not care that she has absolutely NO experience whatsoever. The very people who are in love with the idea of her serving are dismissing her lack of experience as insignificant and saying that it would be refreshing to have a regular person who is not a DC insider serving. These are the same morons who blasted Sarah Palin because they viewed her as unqualified. Palin’s regular, outside the beltway, persona was off putting to the elitist twerps who dug through trash to see what they could get on her. This was mostly because of fear but it shows the double standard that the left employs. They are good at it because the media are always willing accomplices when it comes to liberal hypocrisy.

One moron at Huffington said there was no comparison because Palin was running to be the next in line for the presidency and Kennedy would be one of a hundred. The reader is supposed to believe that Kennedy’s lack of experience is OK but Palin’s is not because of the seriousness of the job. This totally ignores the fact that Palin has political experience and it ignores the fact that she has more than Barack Obama or Joe Biden when it comes to executive service.

The morons who make this argument ignore the absolute fact that they supported Barack Obama with his lack of experience for the position of president. They voted for a man who has less experience than Palin while stating that she was not qualified to be next in line for the job. This is the stupidity that comes from the liberal mind. They lack the ability to use logic and to reason things out. As long as they win and can push their socialist agenda, they are happy.

As for Kennedy, I really don’t care who New York puts in that seat but I am opposed to political dynasties. The Kennedys have been in American politics for decades and it seems that more and more of them get elected and earn their livings off the backs of the taxpayers. We need to end this cycle of family members succeeding family members and put the Congress back in the hands of the people.

Does America really need another Kennedy in government? I will argue that she is unqualified but only because of the way the left went after Palin. The fact is that many are not very qualified when they are first elected. But if the left can deride the experience of Palin while ignoring the lack thereof with regard to Obama and Caroline Kennedy then it is only fitting we point this out and hold them to their own standard.

Will the hypocrisy of the left never end?

Camille Paglia

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