Want To Buy The Brooklyn Bridge?

The question posed in the title is a famous question (in various forms) posed by scam artists to tourists in the last century. I can’t imagine that someone would be stupid enough to actually bite on such a line but, as the saying goes, a sucker is born every minute.

Now Mayor Bloomberg of New York has prepared his list of items he wants Americans to buy for the people of his city. Bloomberg, the billionaire narcissist who went against the will of the people in order to seek a third term, is not alone as many city and state officials line up at the Congressional ATM.

Edwardsville, AL with a population of 194 wants $375 MILLION in bailout money

Bloomberg is just the first to put together a list of specific items he wants to use the money for. He wants taxpayers from all over the country to pay for hospitals, schools, high speed internet access for the schools, and a black heritage cultural center. None of these things will benefit taxpayers from the other 49 states or the thousands of cities across the nation but he wants all of us to pay for them. Bloomberg is the modern day scam artist who wants you to pay for his infrastructure without the benefit of ownership.

Of course, no plea for money would be complete without the obligatory “it’s for the children” nonsense.

“We have to make the kind of investments for our future that will give our children a future,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg has tailored his requests to coincide with Obamas plan to create new jobs by rebuilding infrastructure. The story goes that Americans want the infrastructure upgraded and that they are willing to pay up to a 1% tax increase to get it done. Of course, 1% is no where near what the actual increases will be.

It is not the job of the federal government to spend taxpayer money on state projects unless the projects have some federal significance. The highway system is a federal system and the feds collect taxes to maintain the federal roadways. State roads are maintained by the state.

The schools and hospitals in New York are infrastructure items that will benefit the people of New York. There is no reason to spend federal tax dollars on them and the same holds true for all the other states whose officials are standing in line with their hands out.

Out of control spending is the fuel that supplied the fire of the economic problems we face today. We cannot fix the problem of spending beyond our means by spending more money. Even if we could, each state is responsible for its infrastructure projects.

I have long railed against pork projects that come from DC. I am appalled when I see lawmakers attach projects for their states to spending bills. Taxpayers from most other states have little use for the projects and will likely never, ever, use them or benefit from them.

The massive bailout that already passed and the even larger one looming on the horizon are nothing more than huge transfers of wealth. It is what Obama described as spreading the wealth and it will not work. From what I see, the entire mess has been nothing more than a huge pork project from the start.

And even if someone could somehow justify the spending on “the children” they would be at a loss to explain why taxpayer money should be spent on a black cultural center. This is abuse of power, abuse of taxpayer money and it is a fine example of how we got in this mess int he first place.

The politicians in DC and around the country do not, for the most part, have any concept of fiscal responsibility. Democrats, in particular, are poor managers of money. Most of the cities and states in dire financial trouble are run by Democrats and they have huge populations of people receiving social services (read taxpayer money).

The people who voted for Obama voted for change and the way he wants to spend money it is likely that is all they will have left.

Over regulation, poor regulation, greed, and government irresponsibility with our money is how we got in this mess and one thing is certain, more of that will damn sure not get us out of it.

If you believe that it will then I am selling a bridge you might be interested in.

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Want To Buy The Brooklyn Bridge?”

  1. How long before Americans not getting the benefit from the pork projects rise up and say, “Enough!”

    Or are Americans too much of wimps now?

  2. Ogre says:

    You are sadly mistaken, Big Dog. And I don’t say that lightly.

    The purpose of government today is to ensure the happiness of people. That’s all. And I mean that literally. Government today has absolutely unlimited power and can and will do anything it can, as long as the result is at least one happy person.

    Now view all the requests for cash, tax increases, and make-work jobs in lieu of that purpose of government. Government is doing exactly what the people want it to: they want it to take care of them.

    And AOW, they’re wimps. They WANT government to take care of them and they don’t give a damn about freedom — at least the majority do not.

    • Big Dog says:

      AOW, unfortunately Ogre is right about the majority. What you suggest will happen when the minority (based on the election results) fight back.

      Once those who think government is a panacea find out differently we might end up with another revolution.

  3. Schatzee says:

    When will we have enough people to start this revolution because it’s already gone too far. States requesting bailouts, banks requesting bailouts, government showering private companies with cash to give their execs more bonuses. This is out of control and somehow we need to get control back. But how do you do that when there is a group of people eating up this “something for nothing” mentality and voting for this morons?