Walker, Tax-Less Ranger

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin comfortably won the recall election the left worked to get (be careful what you ask for…). By now you know the story. Walker was elected, changed the collective bargaining terms of unions and worked to balance the state budget (which now has a surplus). The public sector union thugs were not happy and worked on a recall, a recall that the left across the nation supported (important to mention). The recall happened and despite support from the unions and liberals all across this nation Walker won.

The left is now saying the recall did not matter to liberals and it has no indications outside of Wisconsin because it was just a state recall issue. Lest we allow the left to rewrite history, here is a video of how they felt then and how they are talking now.

Barack Obama decided not to actively engage in this recall and a lot of Democrats are very unhappy about that. One wonders how they will respond later this year when Obama asks for their support in getting him reelected considering he did not support them in the recall.

Time will tell but I think Wisconsin is now in play for Republicans. Democrats there might not want to vote for the Republican but on Election Day they might decide to pull an Obama and stay out of the race.

Moonbats (there is a word I have not used in a while) have been showing how unhinged they are over the Walker victory.

Twitter lit up with death threats to Walker and his family.

Woman slaps Barrett for conceding.

Anti-Walker moron cries that Democracy Died Tonight. [Author note: Good, we do not live in a Democracy, we live in a Republic and Walker is ensuring we stay there]

And my favorite, Teary eyed Ed Schultz of PMSNBC laments the loss.

Why all the anger? The liberals realize this is a death blow to the public sector unions. The people of Wisconsin saw that Walker’s plan was working and that they were doing better. They realized all the doom and gloom predicted by their union puppet masters never came to pass. They saw that what Walker is doing is good and will help the state stay in the black instead of swimming in red ink, the result of what the recall supporters wanted to return to.

And why the angst among liberals across the nation? Because the plan that Walker instituted is working, it is a plan for success and it is the exact OPPOSITE of what Obama is doing. Walker showed the right way to do things and it is nothing like what Obama is doing.

And the Democrats are suddenly realizing that the electorate is not as stupid as they thought. The Democrats have been shown that people will choose fiscal responsibility over foolish, out of control spending.

Unions have seen that when people are not forced to join, they don’t and that people no longer think it is OK to be fleeced by fat cat thug union leaders.

Not everyone is on board and there are still people who think they should be allowed to continue getting “free” stuff from gubmint. There are those who are not able to think for themselves and who refuse to leave the plantation.

There will always be those kinds among us but the majority, at least for one night, saw the light.

Walker brought reasonable austerity measures, lower taxes, and control of the union mess to Wisconsin.

He also brought the nation something. Well, the Democrats actually did. By recalling Walker they showed the entire nation how ugly and mean they are and how Walker’s plan is working.

They also brought us closer to a major victory in November as the tide starts to move away from Hope and Change to real leadership.

Congratulations to Governor Scott Walker and the people of Wisconsin. Well fought and righteously won!

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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