Walk Softly

This from the Sun in the UK:

POLICE have been told they must show respect by taking their SHOES OFF before raiding the homes of Muslim terror suspects.

It was one of 18 rules laid down in new guidelines for officers in Luton — a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism.

It is interesting that the police need to remove their shoes before they enter the house of someone who might want to kill them. God forbid we upset them by walking in their houses with shoes on. Let’s face it folks, the police are probably not going there because they want afternoon tea. How far will political correctness go?

I have an idea. Perhaps we can get the terrorists to remove their shoes before they are going to explode a bomb and kill people. Then at least we would have a warning.

I would post the link but the above is the only thing you get unless you buy the paper.

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One Response to “Walk Softly”

  1. Surfside says:

    Of course they want the police to take of their shoes! That gives them plenty of time to set off any explosive devices in the house or climb out a window. Allah “didn’t raise no fools.”