Voting Democrat is Bad for Your Health

Everyone of the Democrats wants some kind of universal health care that is paid for by taxpayers. They want ever person in this country covered (citizen or not) and they want to ensure that the government has its grubby little hands in the mix from beginning to end. What they want is to be able to make all the decisions for you. Over weight? You don’t get treated. Smoker, no treatment for you. Eat meat, you can’t be treated. Drink alcohol, too bad, so sad. The only people who will get great health care are those in Congress who abuse the military health care system that they claim does not take care of the troops (but there is a private floor just for them).

Michael Moore filmed his little lie about the health care industry and he tried to make it look as if the countries in the world with socialized medicine have it better than we do. I am no film expert so I will not tell Moore how to make movies (though I would tell him to stop) but I do have quite a bit more experience in health care than he does so I can speak to that. In America we do not see the wait times and denials that they have in other countries. Many people from those social Utopias come here for treatment. I have never had a patient who needed cardiac catheterization be denied or wait. They got sent to the cath lab and were treated. Surgeons came in at all hours of the night to operate on people regardless of their status and none were denied because they were fat, smoking, meat eating alcoholics. Michael Moore is wrong.

The cost of care in this country is high because the government is involved in it. Medicare is very expensive and is not a good bargain. They make it look good because none of the administrative costs are included in the program. Those are paid for by taxpayers and not reported so we cannot see how much it really costs. Government is extremely inefficient and if we allow it to take over health care more people will die.

Here is what we will get if the government takes over. A woman from Canada was here on vacation and she suffered a ruptured appendix (a medical emergency) and she was taken to a California hospital where she received all the care she needed including the surgery to correct the problem. She needs to be transferred to Canada, one of the places Moore says has better health care. She is still waiting in California because there are no beds available for her in her home country. Yep, her socialized medicine gurus cut the number of ICU beds so one is not available.

I have transferred patients all over my state and we had to wait for beds in specific hospitals but if we needed an ICU bed we could find one in the state. We could certainly find one in the entire country and when we waited it was not very long.

The fact is, America has the best health care in the world and the delivery would be even better and not cost as much if ambulance chasing lawyers like John Edwards didn’t file frivolous lawsuits or the nannies in Congress did not regulate everything to death. Health care would be cheaper if the government did not mandate unnecessary items and if companies and consumers were free to do business without government intervention.

Michael Moore is a blow hard who does not know his rectum from a hole in the ground and those running for the Democratic nomination only understand socialism. They think they know better than we do how to best run our lives.

If you vote for one of them you will be putting your health at risk.

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8 Responses to “Voting Democrat is Bad for Your Health”

  1. ThinkingMeat says:

    Big Dog’s latest vomit…

    The last time I challenged “Big Dog” to support his claims with facts, he chose to lie about the question I’d asked. Let’s see if he’ll fall back on his usual mendacity this time…

    Voting Democrat is Bad for Your H…

  2. Big Dog says:

    Of course, Meathead has chimed in. His real name is Terry so be sure to say hi to Terry.

    Just for the record, I never said any candidate said you would not be treated if you did bad things. I said the government wants its grubby hands in the mix. Then I indicated what would not be covered based upon what is not covered in other countries that have socialized medicine.

    Terry also indicates that he challenged me to support some claims I made last time and that I lied about the question. I am not going to get into you lie, no you lie because Terry is a kindergarten child and I am not going to play. I addressed the questions he asked and I addressed them with well researched information.

    The problem is he is an idiot who cannot see anything except what he believes and all others are liars or some other thing. Terry Meathead is a jackass and his mother, as I understand it, was a hooker. She got pregnant with him turning a $20 trick, some IV drug user bisexual who had all kinds of STDs.

    Anyway, instead of aborting Terry like she should have she went full term with him and then threw away the baby and kept the afterbirth. He writes science fiction while pleasuring himself in his mommy’s basement.

    Just thought you would like to know that. Now he can piss off. You see, he likes to come to people’s sites and stir up crap in order to get people to visit him. His blog is ranked 20765 in the Ecosystem and he has 13 inbound links so he is desperate for visitors.

    Just so you know, this is what Hillary said about you and health care.

    “We just can’t trust the American people to make those types of choices…. Government has to make those choices for people”

    One other thing Terry, I know more about the health care system than you and Hillary put together. I have actually worked in it for a lot longer than she has been a Senator. Hillary has no clue except to mandate what people will do as in mandate that you have insurance. What if you don’t want it? Does not matter, Hillary will make you.

    Lastly, I do not answer to you. Demand, ask, call me a liar, do what you want. The fact that i ignore you in no way means I lack an answer or that I feel differently or that you were right. I do not answer to you. You are nothing more than a scurvy little spider that I would otherwise ignore. So I am not going to allow you to dictate what I do, say or how I feel. Go screw yourself (or pay your mommy for a ride).

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  4. I think your response is logical and to the point Big Dog. Unfortunatly it is wasted on someone who is insane with a hatered for all things American and logical. All he knows how to do is cherry pick and spew hatred and lies for attention.

  5. David M says:

    The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the – Web Reconnaissance for 01/03/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

  6. Big Dog says:

    Terry is right about one thing. I cannot say I am ignoring him and then mention him. What I mean is, i am ignoring his questions. They are inane and even if they were not, I have no desire to argue with him. Terry is trolling for hits to his site.

    The name calling is a method of baiting to get me fired up to engage him. Sorry Terry, I am not going to do it. You probably have noticed that most of the folks ignore you. We commented at your site to identify you as Terry because we wanted to but I have no other need to visit your lonely site.

    I do appreciate the links that you have given me but I will not be engaging you on this so piss off. Go bring your mother in off that cold street corner so she does not catch cold. A woman can get sick with her skirt pulled up all day.

    I know, I am baiting him too because it is fun to see him froth at the mouth. He is a mouth breather that thinks he is relevant.

  7. Big Dog says:

    Someone asked if I had seen Sicko or if I was commenting without seeing it. I have not seen the movie. Michael Moore’s “documentaries” have been debunked a number of times. I also refuse to spend money that will go to him.

    However, I have seen a number of his interviews with his claims, I have seen real medical professionals discuss his claims and I have read the claims he makes as well as the counter arguments. I also know that socialized medicine is not as great as he portrays by the feedback i have received from friends living in countries where they have it.

    I was also asked why I did not like Terry meatbrain. I never had anything against the person and never knew him until one day a post showed up with very disparaging stuff about me. It has been tit for tat since then. Basically, he is an idiot (and more irritating than billy Joe).

    I was then asked why i did not mention my career as a nurse. i mentioned that I am a nurse on a number of occasions. I also mentioned my health care experience in the post. The person seems to think I am embarrassed by my chosen profession. I am not. I make good money, I work in health care and I enjoy what I do. I also do not think it is necessary for me to mention that as it is not

  8. says:

    Voting Democrat is Bad for Your Health: Big Dogs Weblog…

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